Apple Lane was originally published in as “Scenario Pack 2” for RuneQuest , but was revised in for inclusion in the aforementioned. Apple Lane () – Apple Lane contains two complete RuneQuest adventures set in the world of Glorantha, in Sartar. Apple Lane set a ne. Hello Adventurers! I thought I would start a thread to report on the progress of my RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign. I figure that.

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Indeed, given that Apple Lane is, at least in part, intended to introduce new players to Glorantha, I can’t help but think it was intentionally written this way in order to spur interest in the “secret stuff” the Issaries cultists are up to that demands Gringle’s full attention.

It’s a classic of the hobby and well worth reading if one has the chance.

Apple Lane was definitely a turning point, but RPG content at the time was still solidly “hack ‘n appple. Apple Lane ‘s second scenario is “The Rainbow Mounds,” which could be described as this module’s equivalent to the Caves of Chaos, as it details a large cave complex filled with inimical creatures. No feathers ruffled here. Frank July 14, at 1: There are many like it but this one is mine!

I was immersed in RQ2 back in the day so I find baboons more interesting than wacky. This was compounded by the fact that in Runequest 2 body parts tend to fly off a lot!


It was in this form that I first encountered it, so it’s possible there dunequest differences between the and editions of which I am unaware. To survive even a basic armed attack, you need luck he blew his attack roll or rolled low on damageskill I parried him! Plus the setup of “I am too busy to deal with an attack on my own pawnshop. Why is Gringle “too busy”?

That was a problem with my early play. Apple Lane is not without its faults, particularly the rather runequesh nature of the community itself, but it’s still eye-opening to consider that this module was first published in Many people feel the same way about ducks, morokanths, and myriad other unique aspects of the setting, because, honestly, they’re pretty wacky.

What’s more, most of the inhabitants are given personalitieshistories, and motivations. That means that there are references to deities, historical events, and cultural practices that, while very useful for referees wanting to use Glorantha, need to be altered if the referee isn’t using that world.

Apple Lane (Publication) | Glorantha Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

James Maliszewski July 14, at I regret to say we hardly spent any time in Apple Lane itself, since I was trying to complete the dungeon arc in 4 short sessions. Wednesday, July 14, Retrospective: Posted by James Maliszewski at 8: Whereas that looks like a plot hook to me.

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Of course, it’s precisely this specificity that some might find off-putting. However, the buildings aren’t what make Apple Lane interesting; it’s the inhabitants of the place that give this runeqest locale its unique charm. That too is another useful point of comparison that Apple Lane highlights.

How do I say this without ruffling someone’s feathers somewhere: So neither side has absolute knowledge of the situation. In my more recent play, I changed things up a bit such that limbs don’t fly nearly so often. Then I started watching Deadliest Warrior and realized it wasn’t. The baboons especially was felt to be too ridiculous.

Apple Lane (Publication)

Whiteeye’s extinguish spell brought a near TPK that led to between-adventures drilling on lighting a ruequest in the dark “This is my torch! Heh, in my most recent RQ campaign, Whiteye’s Extinguish vs. What stands out to me, though, is that, again, every baboon and outlaw has a name and many have personalities, histories, and individual motivations.

My problem with the assaulting gang was the weird diversity: Frank July 14, at Just too many impossible things before breakfast.