Antonio. Pigafetta wrote one of the most influential journals of the 16th century in , which recorded the events of the Mallegan voyage around the world. About the diary: The version used here is The First Voyage Round the World by Antonio Pigafetta, translated by Lord Stanley of Alderley as reproduced in. By Antonio Pigafetta. Original text, with translation, notes and bibliography by James Alexander Robertson. (Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark Company.

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Firstly, the antono captain-general willed that the vessel in which he himself was should go before the other vessels, and that the others should follow it; therefore he carried by night on the poop of his ship a torch or faggot of burning wood, which they called farol, which burned all the night, so that his ships should not lose sight of him.

University of Canberra Library. This they said with cunning, to excite us to attack them by night, supposing that we were ready; but they wished this because they had dug ditches between their houses and the beach, and they hoped that we should fall into them. He traveled with the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan and his crew by order of the King Charles I of Spain on their voyage around the world.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The prince and the King of Mazzava, who was with him, presented to the captain on behalf of his king large baskets full of rice, pigs, goats, and jorunal, and desired the captain to be told he should pardon them that their present was not as fine as was fitting for him.


The most respected women of the country came to the house of the deceased, in the midst of which lay the corpse in a chest; round which were stretched cords after the manner of an enclosure, and many branches of trees were tied to these cords: Two of these giants being rather a long way off shot arrows at our men, and fighting thus, one of the giants pierced with an arrow the thigh of one of our men, of which he died immediately. Sunday, the 7th of April, about midday, we entered the port of Zzubu, having passed by many villages.


We remained seven days in this place; then we took the tack of Maestral, passing through the midst of five isles, that is to say, Ceylon, Bohol, Canighan, Baibai, and Satighan. This palm produces a fruit named cocho, which is as large as the head, or thereabouts: I was assured that this custom was true by a pilot, named John Carvagio, who was in our company, and had remained four years in this place; it is also to be observed that the inhabitants of this place, both men and women, are accustomed to paint themselves with fire, all over the body, and also the face.

They begin by sounding some great drums tamburithey then bring three large dishes, two are filled with cakes of rice and cooked millet rolled up in leaves, and roast fish, in the third are Cambay clothes, and two strips of palm cloth.

Besides that, the captain-general sent back the ship named the Victory as far as the entrance of the strait to see if the ship was there, and he told the people of this ship that if they did not find the ship they were looking for, they were to place an ensign on the summit of a small hill, with a letter inside a pot placed in the ground near the ensign, so that if the ship should by chance return, it might see that ensign, and also find the letter which would give information of the course which the captain was holding.

Flinders University Central Library. They are beautiful and delicate, and whiter than the men, and have their hair loose and flowing, very black and long, down to the earth. Then John Cavagio, [50] the pilot who was the chief conductor of these two giants, would not bring away the wife of one of the giants who had remained in irons on that evening, but was of opinion that they should sleep there, because it was almost night.

They would never tell us the cause of that phenomenon, of which we also were witnesses. These idols are made of wood, they are concave or hollowed out behind, they have the arms and legs spread out, and the feet turned upwards; they have a large face, with four very large teeth like those of a wild boar, and they are all painted.

We went there, and indeed found him unable to speak or to move. The eldest son of the king, antonii was the prince, came where we were, and the king told him to sit down near us, which he did; then two dishes were brought, one of fish, with its sauce, and the other of rice, and this was done for us to eat with the prince.


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One was, that immediately that we entered into this port, the masters of the other four ships plotted treason against the captain-general, in order to put him to death.

In the largest of them was their king sitting under an awning of mats; when they were near the ship of the captain-general, the said slave spoke to the king, who understood him well, because in these countries the kings know more languages than the common people.

Afterwards he made us dance with them. Thus we went to Zzubu, which is fifteen leagues off from Satighan. None of your libraries hold this item.

The king wished to detain us to supper, antojio we made our excuses and took leave of pigafettx.

Journal of Magellan’s Voyage – World Digital Library

They answered that they did not perform any other adoration, but only joined their hands, looking up to heaven, and that they called their God, Aba. Be the first to add this to a list. Pigafetta kept a detailed journal, the original of which is lost. Anthony and the other the Conceptionto seek for and discover the outlet of this strait, which was called the Cape de la Baya. He accompanied the captain, however, to the beach, and on his arrival there the ships fired all their artillery.

Pigafetta’s narrative has been published several times from several variant sources. We ate it, and it had the taste of a fowl. They wear small hats, after the fashion of the Albanians; these hats are made of palm leaves. Burns About John P.