Communications Engineering > Antennas and Wave Propagation Antennas and Wave Propagation. A. R. Harish and M. Sachidananda. Aimed at a single-semester course on antennas at the undergraduate level, Antennas and Wave Propagation provides a lucid explanation of the fundamentals. Antennas and Wave Propagation (Oxford Higher Education) [A. R. Harish, M. Sachidananda] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aimed at a.

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In this chapter, we study the interaction of the media and the discontinuities with electromagnetic waves. Online and Digital Products. A large number of exercise problems with varying difficulty levels are included to reinforce theoretical concepts.

harish a r sachidananda m antennas and wave propagation oxford university press 2007

Acknowledgements It is a pleasure to thank our wives Radha and Shalini, and children Bhavana and Bharath for their love, care, and emotional support. Each chapter is divided into sections that are independent.

It provides a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of the subject. All these devices require an antenna to function. The book contains a separate chapter on antenna measurements, which introduces the practical aspects of antenna characterization.

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A large number of solved problems are interspersed through the text to enable the student to comprehensively grasp concepts and their applications. Overview Description Table of contents Features. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website.

Aperture Antennas Chapter 5. Currently this book is not available in Flipkart. Chapter 1 is essentially a review of basic electromagnetic theory. Antenna Arrays Chapter 6. In Chapter 2, students are introduced to the terminology used for describ- ing the radiation and input characteristics of antennas. Chapter 6 details a select set of such antennas under the title Special Antennas.

Table of contents Chapter 1. A minimal use of sachidanaanda physics and emphasis on conceptual understanding make it an ideal text for sachidqnanda students.

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Electromagnetic Radiation Chapter 2. Schematic block diagrams of the measurement instrumentation are presented. The chapter ends with a dis- cussion on the design of binomial and Chebyshev patterns.

Antennas and Wave Propagation by Harish, A R ; Sachidananda, M

A class of antennas which can be looked at as radiation from an aperture is treated in Chapter 4. Chapter 7 is focused on the techniques used to measure antenna parame- ters. These are followed by a list of references for those interested in further reading. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Apart from the ground and sky wave propagation characteristics, the book also discusses propagation models for urban and rural environments, which are used in the design of mobile phone networks.

Antennas and Wave Propagation

The book provides a lucid overview of electromagnetic theory and a com- prehensive introduction to various types dachidananda antennas and their radiation characteristics. The editorial team at Oxford University Press India has done a commendable job in bringing out this book. It also introduces the vector abtennas approach to the solution of the wave equation and the concept of the Hertzian dipole. Radio Wave Propagation Read More. We would like to thank him for his kind gesture.

Chapter atennas is devoted to the study of antenna arrays. Further, a clear-cut presentation of the basic concepts of v vi Preface wave propagation, including ground wave and ionospheric propagation, goes on to make this text a useful and self-contained reference on antennas and radio wave propagation. Teaching the antenna theory course has given us an opportunity to interact with many students.

Relevant numerical problems with answers have been included as end-chapter exercises to test the understanding of the topics introduced in each chapter. Infibeam Go to Infibeam website. The radiation pattern properties and some simple design procedures are explained.

Finally, Chapter 8 deals with the issues related to the propagation of radio waves. Use of polynomial represen- tation of the array factor of a uniformly-spaced linear array and its pole-zero Preface vii representation on a circle diagram is explained. The calcu- lation of free space communication link budget is illustrated with examples.


It includes exhaustive coverage of basic antennas, such as dipoles, loops, and slots, which provides a clear comprehension of the principles of radiation and techniques of analysis.

Explains concepts clearly with the help of detailed derivations, illustrations, and worked examples Includes simple design procedures for popular antennas Includes detailed explanations on special antenna types Includes propagation issues related to modern harih systems.

These antennas cover a wide range of applications in propaagtion frequency bands. Antenna Measurements Sachiananda 8. Antennas vary widely in their shapes, sizes, and radiation characteristics. Detailed explanations of special antenna types as also simplified design procedures for some of the popular antennas are included.

Features Explains concepts clearly with the help of detailed derivations, illustrations, and worked examples Includes simple design procedures for popular antennas Includes detailed explanations on special antenna types Includes propagation issues related to modern communication systems. We sell our titles through other companies Amazon Go to Amazon website. Flipkart Go to Flipkart website. Special Antennas Chapter 7. Antennas and Wave Propagation is designed to serve as a textbook for undergraduate students of electrical, electronics, and communications engineering.

Prppagation of the antennas discussed are monopole, V antenna, Yagi—Uda array, turnstile antenna, helix, spiral, microstrip patch, etc. Content and Structure This book contains eight chapters which provide a comprehensive treatment of antennas and wave propagation.