Buy a cheap copy of Animate Me book by Ruth Clampett. Free shipping over $ Quickie Review: Animate Me by Ruth Clampett I think what kept me from connecting to Brooke was that she seemed to be too many people. I’m honored to have my book, Animate Me, included in this group. Nathan . Fall in love with a geeky animator in Ruth Clampett’s Animate Me.

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Brooke is smart and fun This was a funny and sweet look at love between two self clampety nerds. Thanks for your thoughts and a chance to win!

The author introduces a very visual world unto itself.

Animate Me is a truly unique romance. Brooke and Nathan bring each other to life over the course of the book. After a brutal cage match that sent me to the ER, Maddie took off across the country. The author brings these characters to life in a way clampeyt makes rut want them to make it. She left to have my baby as far from me as she could.

The most amazing part of Ms. You’ll root for Brooke and Nathan as the story unfolds and we see the creative ways they draw up their own happy ending. Not only was I completely entertained with the story, I learned a lot of things!

She was truly Nathan’s soul mate and the journey they took to be together was touching. Readers looking for a light, well-written adult or new adult contemporary romance should definitely check this on out ASAP! I just didn’t figure the reason his normal name was a reason for laughter.

For years shy animator Nathan has carried a torch for Brooke, the beautiful and dynamic Director of Development at their animation studio, even creating B-Girl, a comic-book heroine in her likeness. Would I be hers? We quickly get to see that he has another love, Brooke.

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But it turned out his quirky and lovable nature was all it took.

Even the secondary characters add a lot of flavor to the story. I finished it around 4am and can’t sleep because of my book hangover. This is also the author’s reality, so the statement, “write what you know”, completely rings true.

Apr 09, Irene rated it it was amazing. Brooke appreciates his gestures as she saves the cups and anticipates what the next drawing would be. This was the most boring, soft-porn, romance-novel piece of drivel it’s ever been my misfortune to read. I loved the geeky animator guy who draws a comic book series about his crush.

Animate Me

Threatened by his persistence, Arnauld plays dirty — only to spark an uprising at the studio that unleashes the sort of havoc only a building full of frustrated animators can create.

While at first I didn’t warm up to Nathan, with his quiet disposition and lack of alpha male skills, I came to admire him and love him anyways. Brooke is smart and funny and she has her life together, at least it appears so from the outside.

Nathan also listens to her, he pays her compliments, he tells her how talented and smart she is but the one thing that most touched me was the way he loves her just the way she is. The characters were so fun and her insight into the animation world was spot on. Another thing about this book is that it’s a very readable and short read. Brooke is an executive in animation. That unless you are part of it, you have no idea what is involved.

May 02, Rachael rated it liked it Shelves: Nice guy who doesn’t think he has a chance. I can promise if you read this book you will love it and will not be disappointed. And not to mention there are some, erm, let’s just say “hotter” scenes too ; ANIMATE ME is a contemporary story that entertained and delighted me from beginning to end, whether it be through its stunning sketches, literal laugh-out-loud humor, and downright adorable moments.


He brings her favorite sugary sweet during and draws her a picture of the day on the cup.

This book is intended for mature audiences. It was a bit predictable at times but still kept me reading. There is so much detail in each paragraph that you need to read slowly to savor each word because you do not want clameptt miss one anvil fall or ACME bomb.

While Nathan pulls out all the stops to animmate his B-girl, Brooke has to choose. Brooke and her boyfriend are in an open relationship. I only gave this one star because I can’t give it 0.

Stuck In Books: Animate Me by Ruth Clampett ~ Tour Stop & Giveaway

If you want a sexy fun story with good romance, good characters Animate Me is for you. Would she be freaked out that tuth had a crush on her, way before they met? Trivia About Animate Me. Plus all the caricatures throughout the book added a animte touch to the story.

But Brooke is unattainable, she’s not only the Director of Development at their animation studio, the head of the studio Arnauld is her boyfriend. Want to Read saving….