Supplement. Angol nyelvtani összehasonlító táblázat, jelen idők. 1. Általános jelen igeidő (Present Simple). A cselekvés (1) szokásosan ismétlődik, (2) időrend . Angol szótanító szótárak szavak és kifejezések gyakorlására. Start studying angol igeidők 2.,3. alakja. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Will you have finished it by that time? Where is the phone? I often played football on Sundays.

Hello, Bába Kitti vagyok!

I have broken my arm. Mary has just finished cooking. By the time we arrived, Peter had fallen asleep. Where will they live? I was reading the newspaper. Will she be eating while we are here?

Jack nem ment el moziba. A policeman has been shot. Valaki ellopta a biciklimet. Igeiodk you do the homework? I am reading a good book by R. Bob will be waiting outside while you are talking.


I have driven for two years. I have just cleaned up. I whitewashed the kitchen yesterday. I will call you at 7.

By this time tomorrow we will have been travelling. A bolt nem nyitott ki tegnap. Szereti a kutya a tejet? She was crying all night. I have lived here for three years. We are going to travel to Japan next month. Before we had finished our lunch igeifok ordered us back to work. The transfer arrives next week. She was making sandwiches. Did she enjoy the game? Are you watching this film?

John runs every day. By the time you get up, I will have made coffee. By the time he returns from England, we will have painted the house. I will be 32 next month. I am just about to call Bob, do you want to talk to him?

igeidők megoldással – raraxy – Minden, ami angol

A policeman was anglo. While I was doing crosswords, she was sleeping. As soon as he had arrived home, he called his friend. Hogyan fognak jegyet szerezni? She sleeps a lot.


Angol igeidők – 2

Soha nem utazunk taxival. At last we have arrived. He is going to a football match.

When I woke up, she was cooking. Will they be there? I was working all summer. Will you be staying there all Christmas? Where will you be sleeping while they are painting your room? They went on an excursion every weekend.