Join Danielle and her co-host Walter Kirn for the Writerly Podcast, a weekly discussion of all things pertaining to the real lives of working writers. Download the. Summary: A mess of a book that doesn’t do justice to the richly imaginative world that Trussoni created in her first novel. Rushed, info-dumpy. Danielle Anne Trussoni is New York Times and USA Today bestselling writer whose books have been translated into over thirty languages. Her work includes four books: Falling Through the Earth (); Angelology (), Angelopolis ( ) and memoir The Fortress ().

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Revelations are mostly told by other characters angwlopolis apparently knew all this information vital to our heroes all along Views Read Edit View history. The story kept me going – a little Da Vinci Code-like in the movement of the plot.

Danielle Trussoni

It has been three years since we last saw our heroine, but in just these few short page It has been four long months since I read “Angelology” by Danielle Trussoni; it was a book that I needed a week to recover from, I needed my mind to sink back into real life and to tear it’s self away from Characters that I had fallen in love with or grew to hate.

I also think that despite the epic scope of the backdrop, the plot actually came down to not a whole lot. I was always in two minds about Angelology. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Rhapsody In Books with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Refresh and try again. I so hope that this will come out sooner than expected.

Aug 31, Maya rated it did not like it. Toward the end though, a few sharks get jumped, in part, one supposes, to spur the reader on to read the next installment. Just a moment while we sign danie,le in to your Goodreads account.


Angelopolis still maintains the core beauty of Angelology.

As one of the angelologists explains in a clever implied repost to positivists:. The author supplements mostly Old Testament passages with some from the Apocrypha and other non-canonical works, such as the Book of Enoch. She has lived for extended periods in Japan, Bulgaria, England and France.


Deathless, by Catherynne M. Retrieved from ” http: Writing a good cliff-hanger ending is an art, to be sure, but undermining the premises preceding it does not usually go down well with readers.

Well, it was much better than the first book. This violated a bunch of premises not only pertinent to the plot but central to theology. This story is no fairy tale in body or ending, nor is the plot trusaoni or obvious in the page turning.

I get the feeling this was published because the publisher knew it would sell. I would still recommend this book if you read the first, it’s worth it, I just wish it had remained as unique and mysterious as the first.

I read the Chinese translation of this book, and I will merely run a simple list about the pros and cons of this novel: Once again, it seemed more like trusaoni bomb dropping out of nowhere to keep us eager for the next book, rather than like something we might expect from the action preceding it.

It has received a number of pre-publication endorsements, most notably from Cheryl Strayedwho wrote: This page was last edited on 27 Novemberat There’s no sense of threat – no greater battle driving the characters forwards.

She works in the library, handling the correspondence. I imagine the amount of research to write these takes a while. Unimaginable wealth and power beyond belief are within their reach: Or maybe she couldn’t meet the deadline and had to deliver a first draft. She is hunted by the badass Eno and twin brothers of her grandfather Percival who were cloned from him? This series is rare in its sophisticated and well res I thought Angelology by Danielle Trussoni was wonderful!


For example, who in danieple or her right mind would try to blow up a nuclear plane?

After finishing it, I would periodically check to see if there was a publication release date for a sequel. No good reason is given for the withholding of this information, and though I could forgive it once, it happens again and again.

Danielle Trussoni – Wikipedia

As for me, I’m not wasting any more time on it. Thanks for sharing with us Jill. Not exactly the direction that will keep me reading. For the most part, Nephilim don’t have a romantic take ttrussoni them, and a small group of Angelologists are fighting to eradicate them from angelopolix.

I definitely recommend Angelology, read it first so you’re ready for Angelopolis too! The Bible refers to them as “Sons of God” Genesis 6: Nevertheless, when you opt for the Vengeful God and Evil Angels version of the Bible, it seems to me that you need to have your characters also account for divergence from metaphysical doctrines such as omnipotence clearly not a Divine attribute in this seriesforgiveness, redemption, and maybe trussonu whole Sermon on the Mount.

Verlaine knows he’s in love with Evangeline, and through everything else going on around him, he knows he has to find her and save her.