Chords for Andy Timmons Cry For You. the above link, please try opening the link in an incognito tab or clearing your browser cache and refreshing the page. Cry For You by Andy Timmons tabs, download and listen on Loop and slow down this Rock phrase, use backing tracks, scale diagram and our tab editor to analyse guitar tab and transpose.

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It can make a nice tension tone leading from the D minor to the B flat. I’ve heard the track before, but I’m reacting to what he’s doing. That’s one of my favorite licks, where I’m bending up to the unison, then pulling down on the B string.

I got all the way to that A and then I wanted to get back because by then the B flat major 7 chord is happening, so that D, the root of twb key, is also the third foe that B flat.

This whole melody’s happening only on the G string. So, if we have a pentatonic scale and we add a note, I guess it’s a sexatonic.

Those are the notes that sound best to me, and my tmmons melodic choices over these two chords. I can even resolve it like that. Check out as many times as you’d like during your minute window.

  AC43 13 1B PDF

I’m starting on that ninth, which the melody features, but I went to a higher place with it. Right after that there’s another little melodic technique I use a lot, and it ffor sliding into a note.

Add courses or jams to your cart and check out quickly. It’s a contrapuntal motion within its own line. I really like that feel of superimposing the triplet. I slid up to that G. You have no notifications.

Cry For You

Let’s go through the D aeolian scale and see what we find. In this case the E natural over the D minor. Close Check Out Now. I went from the fifth to the seventh, I avoided the sixth. Let me also point out that I’m utilizing timmobs the minor pentatonic and I’m adding the ninth scale degree.

Cry For You – Andy Timmons Guitar Pro Tab

Once you’ve gotten that little piece of information, see where else you can plug it in. No other discounts can be applied. After I did those double stops I got into a rhythmic feel, and this is something that I do a lot, in addition to timmonns feeling where the quarter note and eighth notes are.

He’s got a certain rhythmic figure playing, and I’m playing in the spaces between it. Learn to Play Guitar Topics. He got that rhythmic figure going and I just played in the spaces around it, and I thought it sounded cool. Those are some of the techniques I’m using on Cry For You, so explore some of the possibilities.


I got into a very lengthy triplet feel. Hurry, all sales end in. That’s the beauty of any time you learn a little nugget of something, and I consider this a nugget, and I’m learning something from it too because I haven’t isolated it like that before, but I enjoy that exploration.

It’s just not a note that I gravitate towards.

Cry For You Progression 2: Insights and Approaches – Andy Timmons – Guitar Lesson – TrueFire

It’s just a simple little phrase but I really like how it laid over that chord. You need to be reacting to what’s going on around you, whatever the voicing is that somebody’s playing on the guitar, the keyboards, or something the bass player may fod doing. I started off with something we talked about called motivic development. And then grabbing the note above it that is the next consecutive scale tone, so it’s a major or minor second note cluster itmmons.