Andre Gunder Frank asks us toReOrientour views away from Eurocentrism-to see the rise of the West as a mere blip in what was, and is again becoming. ReORIENT: Global Economy in the Asian Age. By Andre Gunder Frank. ( Berkeley, University of California Press, ) pp. $ cloth $ paper . ReOrient, Dependency, World System, World-System, Underdevelopment, Development, Theory, Dependence, Pax Americana, US hegemony, Andre, Gunder.

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It forces us to confront the assumptions and concepts that our ideas and research have stood upon for generations. A fundamental rethinking of the rise of rorient West and the origin of the world-system. Chapter 2 examines the structure and flow of trade, starting in the Americas and going eastward literally around the globe.

Book titles OR Journal titles. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: The European miracle needs to be addressed with more attention to Asian comparisons and connections.

All in all, this book is important for understanding the world’s past as well as the contours of the future. Moreover, the Europeans did not do anything—let alone “modernize”—by themselves. Despite a degree in International Economics from an east coast school known for its School of Foreign Service, I firmly believed Max Weber that the Protestant work-ethic was the source of western prosperity.

The book argues reorirnt European hegemony in the modern era andrre not really emerge until the nineteenth century, and that before that Europe was a rather marginal player in the Eurasian world economy that was centered on China. He turns standard Eurocentric historiography and social theory upside down, as he did many years ago in exposing the facade of economic development.

The author places his argument in an even longer-run perspective to suggest that Europe’s ‘rise’ may be just a temporary one bracketed on either side by eras of Asian dominance. Overall, the book is very closely and strongly argued and it will be hard to find fault with any of the analysis if tunder has an open mind and is willing to have received opinions changed by the facts.

No other work both provides the exhaustive documentation and the theoretical clarity and conviction of thesis. Chapter 3 examines the role of money in the world economy as a whole and in shaping the relations among its regional parts.

Bin Wong,University of California, Irvine. Five Hundred Years or Five Thousand? Selected pages Tunder Page. It was not, and this also Eurocentric proposition should already appear as absurd as it is prima facie.


Project MUSE – ReOrient: Global Economy in the Asian Age (review)

This development also took advantage of the “Decline of Asia” afterwhose roots and timing are also examined in a separate section reorieht the chapter. Shipping going East 2 US-bound shipments are full of manufactured goods. In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: Recourse to a more holistic frakn historiography and social theory suggests how Asian, and particularly Chinese, predominance in the world economy through the eighteenth century presages its return to dominance also in the twenty-first century.

University of California Press- History – pages. Asia-bound ships are filled with wastepaper or are largely empty. European states, he says, used the silver extracted from the American colonies to buy entry into an expanding Asian market that already flourished in the global economy. This is a bold new interpretation that It was this silver alone that enabled Europeans to move from a very marginal position in the world economy to a significant one, and later to a temporarily dominant one.

Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. Frank explains the Rise of the West in world economic and demographic terms that relate it in a single historical sweep to the decline of the East around See and discover other items: This book breaks new ground with an historiographic self- consciousness that should make it accessible to readers who will nevertheless find the major reroient a basic challenge to their assumptions and understandings of early modern world history.

Fujiwara-Shoten4th printingpp Seoul: Get to Know Us. Much of it will be completely new to many other historians and social scientists who will have to change their views and rewrite their lectures after they read it.

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Andre Gunder Frank

Andre Gunder Frank ReOrient: Frank pulls the rug out from under the Eurocentrism of Marx, Weber, Toynbee and even Wallerstein [and] the accepted ideological frameworks through which Western social theorists hide from thesmselves the deep interdependency of the world.

The Wallersteinian world economy did not give rise to the world-system, Frank argues, but the Afroeurasian world system gave rise to the European world economy. The Chapter 1 Introduction presents the ‘unity in diversity’ theme of this book and its general idea that the whole is more rfank the sum of, and also shapes, its parts and their relations.

These above five regions also andte the world’s highest standards of living, most advanced technology, greatest industrial and commercial enterprises, best art forms, literature, philosophy, and musical styles, and also the most sophisticated government and best infrastructure in roads, bridges, canals, river and seaborne transportation from BC to AD Special note must be made of the role that Native American gold and silver played in helping Europe to become a player in reorieht global trade, by giving Europe with the purchasing power to purchase Chinese silks, tea, porcelain, and other goods, Indian cotton textiles, and South-East spices and gems, should be noted.


The fourth is the focus on Asia, which comes almost entirely at the expense of focus on Africa, and to a lesser degree the Americas. They all got it wrong because they did not see the whole picture, especially how the rforient is much more than the sum of its parts. Only a globally holistic analysis can permit a better, indeed any even minimally satisfactory, comprehension of how the whole world economic gunrer and dynamic reoorient and differentiate its sectoral and regional parts East and West, North and South.

That is precisely what East Asia is doing today, Frank points out, to recover its traditional dominance. For scholars researching the onset of industrialism and the West’s eventual dominance, they will be introduced to a whole new set of questions found in roerient Marx nor Weber that require exploration.

ReORIENT by Andre Gunder Frank – Paperback – University of California Press

This book is frankk for understanding the world’s past as well as the contours of the future. Books Digital Products Journals. English Choose a language for shopping. Showing of 18 reviews. Can any theory or perspective theoretical, analytical and empirical which carries the gunderr of Eurocentric historiography and ideology address the social and economic issues of the 21st century?

Read reviews that mention world history world economy gunder frank industrial revolution rise of the west andre gunder great divergence global economy economic development china and india economic system new world frank book asia reorient important eurocentric centuries east eurocentrism.

But one prerequisite for better research on the long-term history of Afro-Eurasia is that historians of Europe and America take regions of Asia more seriously as factors in making the modern world. Chapter 7, the conclusion, re-examines the implications of this need for holistic analysis and our derivative findings and hypotheses for further research about historiography, received theory and the possible and necessary reconstruction of both.