Read Ancient India NCERT Based book reviews & author details and more at Back. Ancient India Old Ncert History Textbook By Ram Sharan Sharma. by Ram Sharan Sharma OLD NCERT,Modern India (Bipan Chandra) A History of India presents the grand sweep of Indian history from antiquity to the. Click Here To Download. Ancient India R S Sharma Pdf Download Old NCERT. NCERT, Book, History,. Please follow and like us.

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S Sharma guides the readers through the formation and evolution of Indian civilizations over time. The term history is generally associated with mundane and shran recording of facts. This book deals specifically with the origin of various empires and religious cultures in the growing periods of India.

It also charts the beginnings of different geographical, linguistic, and ecological phenomenon. Sharma also gives information regarding the cultures dominating in the Neolithic, Vedic periods and during the Harappan Civilization. The book provides insights about the rise of religions such as Buddhism, Jainism, and others along with the development of territorial states.

Sharma also assesses the transition ncery from Ancient to Medieval and the changes that occurred as a result.

India’s Ancient Past: Buy India’s Ancient Past by Sharma R S at Low Price in India |

Professor Ram Sharan Sharma was born on 26th November, He was a noted historian dealing with Ancient and Medieval India. Inhe was the President of Indian History Congress. He is known for works such as Aspects ancoent Political Ideas and Institutions in Ancient India published inLooking for the Aryans published in and Indian Feudalism published in He has also banished the notions of cultural chauvinists and provided counter studies dealing ncwrt scientific evolution of Indian society.

He was known for his humility and scholarly fervor and constantly strove to provide new dimensions within Indian history. He died on 21st August, and on his death a memorial function was held by the Indian Council of Historical Research wherein the famed Professor Bipan Chandra called Sharma the greatest historian of India.


Certified BuyerNew Delhi. Certified BuyerSibsagar. Sharma which is out of print. Impressive delivery service, discernible and comprehensible material on ancient history.

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Usually delivered in days? Only for plus members Get exciting benefits. Summary Of The Insia The term history is generally associated with mundane and uninteresting recording of facts. Add 3 Items to Cart. Paper quality is so pure. But excellent information on ancient Indian history. A chapter a day will finish the book in a month at roughly an hr a day.

Came inside a small box, with plastic packing.

I don’t know if the book is an original copy or not. If you want to buy this book you can buy it from Flipkart. Page quality can’t be trusted tho.

Buy Ancient India Old Ncert History Textbook By Ram Sharan Sharma Online – Get 0% Off

The best book by a great author. Guys go for it. Surely a great book from prof R. You can find all these topics here in this book neolithic,chalcolithic and vedic periods as well as harappan civilization. Gokul s Gopan Certified Buyer 4 May, One of finest book available for basic ancient history. If you are looking for an unbiased account of India’s ancient past, this is the right book for you. It might not be an engrossing narrative but serves the purpose well.

Starting from the pre-historic times, the book covers all the major kingdoms and the cultural advances that Indian culture went through. Apart from the civilization activities that happened in the gangetic plains, the book has chapters that elucidate the south indian history too.

As usual, flipkart service was impeccable. Therefore, I thought that Mr.

Ram Sharan Sharma Books

Sharma must have expanded his old content and we would find some new details. However, though the book is little updated, I found it a bit annoying that this book is of small size and I am reallyt sick of typical oxford paper quality and small typeface. The striking feature of this textbook is its highly unbiased presentation of the ancient past and the social evils present in those days.


The topics were arranged in such a way that we will feel the flow as we munch the chapters one by one. Topics were linked from prehistoric times to end of Harsha Vardhana rule in India.

Besides that it’s a good book for civil’s exam as every ruling dynasty was explained in depth and adequate detail. I placed order on May 23, and collected my parcel on the 27th.

Good packing and convenient product delivery. The book is, without doubt, a classic material on the ancient history of India with easy-to-search contents. Elaborating but comprehensible textbook with a number of interactive images for a reader. In a nut shell, a good experience. This is good book covers a lot of our ancient indian history. The author gives a lot of information about the ancient people and there cultures and give a brief explanation about the people and kings ruled from various part of our country.

Explained about magadhada dynesty ,mauryan dynasty,gupta dynesty like in a sequence he explained about the rulers of India. The book is little bit hard to understand but if we pay some interest then we can easily understand. There is no indication to this effect in the book.

This is pastancient past which never change book is very good for knowledge The book has pages sharmma from acknowledgement and contents. Is this book useful for W.

Is pictures are in colour format or not. No the picture are is in black and white format. Can u tell me the Publication year?? Safe and Secure Payments.