Title, Algebra Can Be Fun. Author, Perelman. Publisher, Central Books Limited, ISBN, , Export Citation, BiBTeX EndNote. We now come to Algebra can be fun by Yakov Perelman. This book has been translated into many Indian Languages. As with other Perelman. Algebra Can Be Fun by Yakov Perelman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The sum of the alternate digits: Another day, caan 1 rubles-for 8 kopecks. A specimen form is given in Fig. It is wrong to say that the rays of the sun spread fanlike noticeably.

It is not so simple with gloves, for they differ not only in colour, but also in that half of them are for the right hand and the rest for the left. That means 24 was double the original number. And yet, can anyone claim that the earth does not revolve round the sun?

Yakov Perelman – Algebra Can Be Fun | Mir Books

Don’t forget to have two kopecks ready. At the first glance, there was nothing fraudulent in the whole affair. In return they would receive a detailed catalogue. When the general returned there on the following day, he was greeted with laughter.

There is nothing contradictory in this problem. Dear sir, it is very nice that you are bringing out the brilliant works of Mr. The number therefore is Figure 3 shows the route taken by the helicopter: We know that the 28 dominoes can always be arranged to form a ring. Many saywithout even stopping to think. It may happen that the sum of the digits you are told is divisible by 9 for example, 4 and 5. You may well imagine how many times we would have to walk around the forest to count the trees in the ordinary way and not in the way we have explained here.


But just suppose that apart from the nails the box also contains a number of screws and you are asked to find out how many of each there are. What the person got for his 10 rubles was not a bicycle, but four coupons which he was told to sell to his friends at 10 rubles each.

Thirteen is the lowest total in a row and 23 the highest. Chapter 6- “Number Giants “-is adapted from one of the authors earlier pamphlets, with four new stories added.

Pines 53 Firs 79 Birches 46 Aspens 37 Women can save a lot of time and labour by adopting this method in itemising their washing. In a town with a bigger population, even in a modern capital with millions of people, the end comes only a few rounds later, because the pyramid of numbers grows with incredible speed. The burden was heavier than ever and Terentius made his way slowly to the audience room, carrying a coin that was worth 16 original coins. The Missing Digit Tell your friend to write any multi-digit number, say, Return to Book Page.

It is enough to count them on one square centimetre of man’s head.

Algebra Can Be Fun

If, on the other hand, the number of ‘disorders’ is odd, then the position belongs to the second category, i. CD is shorter than AB.

The equivalent of On the first day 1 coin weighing 5g On the second day 2 coins weighing 10g On the third day 4 coins weighing 20g On the fourth day 8 coins weighing 40g On the fifth day 16 coins weighing 80g 97 Part One Figures for Fun.


How many were there originally in each heap? The number of pests grew less and less, but that of sparrows increased by leaps and bounds. How can he know that? Two Cog-Wheels An eight-tooth cog-wheel is coupled with a tooth one Fig.

Further, block 12 precedes block 11, just as block 13 precedes block The reader may be interested to know how many ways there are of arranging this ring or chain. True, he had paid more than 5 rubles, but then hadn’t he received 1 rubles in return? There is only one digit to do that: For instance, if the number he thought of isthen he must do the following: The other typist must finish her bit in the same span.

The problem was solved by the waiter. Can you perfect the star by placing the numbers in the circles in such a way as to make their sum in every row, and at the points read 26? A Frame Figure 4 shows a square frame made up of dominoes in accordance with perwlman rules of the game.

Preelman the biggest of such numbers and then the smallest. Here is another version of the same trick: And when this is done, when the 21 pieces are arranged in an uninterrupted chain, then we insert the seven double dominoes between dominoes ending with the same number of dots, i.