ALAN KAY & the Dynabook. Alan Kay is an American Computer Scientist. He is known for his pioneer work on “object-oriented programming” and in “graphical. Born in , computer scientist Alan Curtis Kay is one of a handful of Every modern portable computer reflects elements of the Dynabook. by Alan Kay. VPRI Paper In practice for the Dynabook, this required inventing better in , the year of the Dynabook idea, by Licklider and Bob Taylor (a.

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Is current technology improving or harming the social skills of children and especially teens?

All that said, one would imagine that Kay would be particularly thrilled with Apple’s iPad, a device that eerily embodies many of his predictions almost 40 years later. Apple with alwn iPad and iPhone goes even further and does not allow children to download an Etoy made by another child somewhere in the world. A Story of Community Resilience admin – Jan 1, Before and during this time, he worked as a professional jazz guitarist.

Kay, in case you’re unfamiliar with his work, is a Turing Award winner who played an integral role in the development of object-oriented programming. Fynabook active interface should be a language whish uses linguistics concepts not far removed from the owner of the device. Hence, the title for the first real tablet goes to the Apple iPadwhich was launched some eight years later.

It means no group can come up with a good decision and make it stick just because it is a good idea.


An Interview with Computing Pioneer Alan Kay

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Sounds good, isn’t it?! This in spite of pioneers such as Seymour Papert explaining both in general and quite a bit specifically just what it is and how it can revolutionize education.

Do you agree that we now essentially have the Dynabook, dynaboik expressed in the three tiers of modern personal computing; the notebook, tablet and smartphone? All public companies are faced with dealing with the market and their stockholders, and the deadly three-month assessment.

How much influence did you have on that set of ideas and the video? To call Alan Kay brilliant is an xlan. Though the hardware required to create a Dynabook is here today, Alan Kay still thinks the Dynabook hasn’t been invented dynxbook, because key software and educational curricula are missing. Apple Marketing did not want a keyboard because they feared it would then compete with the Mac.

Si sigues navegando consideramos que aceptas su uso. He is currently the director of the Vintage Computer Festival Southeast 1.

Is this not what is now known as a laptop or, more specifically, a tablet? How involved were you with the Newton? One would hope that it would be both medium for containing and expressing arbitrary symbolic notions, and also a collection of useful tools for manipulating these structures, with ways to add new tools to the repertoire By continuing, you accept the privacy policy.

People objected, and laughed when Doug told them that users of the future would spend many hours a day at their screens and they should have extremely efficient UIs they could learn to be skilled in. Utilizamos cookies para ofrecerte la mejor qlan. Is the cloud over-hyped? All the other companies — including the kaj of Xerox — had much less effective ideas about research and how it should be done and who should do it.


AI is a difficult problem, but solvable in important ways. All kidding aside, Kay’s entire interview with Time is worth a thorough read. Latest in Alan kay.

Dynabook – Wikipedia

The production team was really good. Or will these types of computers always use this type of interface for the foreseeable future? If you keep browsing, you accept its use. Have they delivered on the promise of improving education?

Children using the proposed Dynabook (based on Alan Kay drawing) – CHM Revolution

Aneddocts about history, politics, finance, education, computer science, activism and freedom enabling tecnologies. Quality of the air they breathe is potentially lethal for billions A system which is usable by all ages. It’s an independent platform for people, companies and associations for getting their voices heard.

According to Kay, a true Dynabook must have certain characteristics and offer certain possibilities to be really worthy of the name. Inhe began graduate school at the University of Utah College of Engineering, earning a Master’s degree and a Ph. Personal notebook computer with easy rechargeable battery and local drive memory, price some USD, multimedia capabilities, wireless network access, Internet, etc.