Al Wala wal-Bara fil-Islam – Muhammad al-Qahtani – الولاء والبراء في الإسلام محمد القحطاني. by Muhammad Saeed al-Qahtani (Author). out of 5 stars 1 . You NEED to get ALL three volumes of his book Al wala Wal bara. He has such a deep. Al-wala’ wa-l-bara’ (Arabic: الولاء والبراء ) is a concept in Islam, literally “loyalty and disavowal”, which signifies loving and hating for the sake of Allah. Al-wala’.

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Al Walaa Wal Baraa by Shaykh al Qahtani – 3 Volumes

Shaykh Assim as Sabuni. Shaykh Mohammed Tawheed Bin Jaleel. Shaykh Muhammad Saud Al Harbi.


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– Al-Wala’ wal-Bara by Muhammad Saeed al Qahtani

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