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View and Download Akai S service manual online. Midi stereo digital sampler. S Music Equipment pdf manual download. Akai S Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai S Service Manual. Full text of “Akai: S SERVICE MANUAL”. See other formats. OOL US MIDI STEREO DIGITAL SAMPLER SPECIFICATIONS MODEL Display Backlit

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You could swap this round and have 10 meg in each unit or 18meg in one and 2 in another.

I use an old Sony ECMF electret condenser microphone that can be powered by a mixer or a battery but sounds particularly good when running on new batteries and plugged directly into the S’s XLR input — no hum and no noise. A good microphone technique is also encouraged — try to get as high z1100 level as you can sung into the mic, and if your vocalist has a soft or quiet voice try to use an active or phantom-powered microphone, as these usually produce a higher output level.

It tires to reproduce lost tones! I like S even more than SXL.


Janne February 6, Reply. For the purposes of this article I will assume that most readers have a basic working knowledge of the S version 4. Connect a DAT machine to the IB interface, using the co-ax or optical connectors, and wkai the backup see the ‘Stick to Check that replaced wires do not contact sharp edged or pointed parts. How to read the Parts List. Sampler has latest 4.


Signal is just interpolated beyond 16bit scale and it clips. It has good fx board based on motorola dsp chip. Most types of SCSI drives can be used, but beware of old, slow models: Did you use 1. Turn your s into a polyphonic beast! Adjust the signal level so that the output is dBm. In addition to safety, other parts and assemblies are specified forconformance with such regulations as those applying to spurious radiation.

EDbut remember that only one take either mono qkai stereo can play at once. Allerdings ist beim Test vor dem Verkauf aufgefallen, dass das Diskettenlaufwerk des S leider nicht mehr funktioniert.

Akai S1100 Manuals

They are currently in the main S as I used it for large amounts of vocals and used the SEX mainly for drum sounds. But i have few instruction how to save it on floppy. I know that s reverb is much better: Many of my comments on vocals can also be applied to other recordable sources, acoustic and electronic. I have two leads for use with the RSDO: Hello Martin, Im absolutely sad.

Vocal takes can be mznual and pasted on screen if you’re using a computer-based sequencer, timing can be adjusted and shifted, and takes can be overlapped and double-tracked.

The S has options when loading to load all samples, programs, OS, etc.

As addition two OS diskettes included and one diskette with couple of samples to check the machine after purchase. Although the S jack inputs have more gain available than the balanced XLR inputs they are best avoided for use with microphones, as they pick up mic hum more easily and because of impedance mismatching the tonal characteristics are not as well suited to vocals.


Akai S1000 / S1100

This Parts List aki those parts which are considered necessary for repairs. Germany [ J ]: When comparing sound from computer programs to this beast, difference is huge!

Update 17 Dec To achieve this at the highest quality with no loss and no noise, an Akai IB digital audio interface must be fitted to your S The following display will appear on the LC-display refer to Fig. This is not audible on audio channels, its just from inside of sampler.

Everything is working with the following exceptions — the floppy drive in the S no longer works, and Expander 1 has the tip of a jack stuck in individual output 4. Thanks to Adam at Panic for his help. Try to plug it off power supply cable and check sampler one more time check internal wavs, sine pulse, etc Maybe its just floppy drive fault? Memory expansion board 2M bytes EXM When you consider that the Akai S is a superbly specified industry-standard sampler with probably the largest sample base in the world and a stereo hard disk recorder, you begin to appreciate what a bargain this machine really is.