View and Download Akai S service manual online. Midi stereo digital sampler. S Music Equipment pdf manual download. Akai S Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akai S Service Manual. Full text of “Akai: S SERVICE MANUAL”. See other formats. OOL US MIDI STEREO DIGITAL SAMPLER SPECIFICATIONS MODEL Display Backlit

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Unfortunately midi implementation is very limited, there is no resonance and it has only 16 voices of polyphony. If possible, don’t put the mic through a mixer first, as the mixer noise level, even if low, will also add more noise to the S preamps.

AKAI S SM Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

My guess is something being loaded from the S cd is changing a parameter on the Akao card causing it to malfunction. You have to edit or disable fx on s The Recommended Spare Parts List shows those parts in the Parts List which are considered particularly import- ant for service. Save it to blank floppy by executing downloaded file.

When comparing sound from computer programs to this beast, difference is huge!

Until quite recently, the question we were asked most often by visitors to our studio was “Where’s the tape machine? The S has options when loading to load all samples, programs, OS, etc.


Akai S1000 / S1100

The takes can also be edited into shorter blocks, deleting any silences or pauses in the process to save RAM space.

How to read the Parts List. Points to look out for when buying an S second-hand are what operating system it has currently v4. The third time i started it my whole room started to smell insanely aggressive no smoke. I have two leads for use with the RSDO: When you consider that the Akai S is a superbly specified industry-standard sampler with probably the largest sample base in the world and a stereo hard disk recorder, you begin to appreciate what a bargain this machine really is.

I loaded some old lofi msnual, hihats samples with maxed level, and i noticed unnatural high clipping. When you play distorted sample saturated, squashed or clipped this interpolation tires to reproduce lost signal! May 31, Reply.

The re- sistance should be more than 2. Adjust the signal level so that the output is dBm.

Akai Sampler Blog: Akai S hard disk recording

Also check areas surrounding repaired locations. Once the vocal takes have become samples, a wealth of editing facilities is available to you — retuning, stretching, squeezing, reversing, combining, looping, and so on — and, if you have access to a Mac or PC sample editor, other functions, such as EQ and level re-scaling and special effects, could be used.


I have sxl with fx board, but i never loaded samples from s to my s unit. How i noticed this?

I used to have a professional studio but I am no longer in the music industry, these units have not been used for 3 years but tested and working fine. It produces even more hi-tones from lo-fi saturated sample. You have the luxury of 20 audio outputs!

Did you use 1. An option endorsed by Akai is the use of 3. This is independent of gain, volume settings. The sampler RAM is now free for loading in instruments, percussion, or whatever.

And the last thing… I discovered something interesting. The reverb sounds too good: When it comes to vocals, a decent microphone will make more of a difference to the recorded sound than any amount of later editing or tweaking.

Allerdings ist beim Test vor dem Verkauf aufgefallen, dass das Manuql des S leider nicht mehr funktioniert.

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