The AHRMA Handbook. The Handbook (rulebook) is printed and in the mail on its way to all current members. A link to the. A complete list of AHRMA contacts is found in Section Note: AHRMA members automatically receive a copy of the rulebook when they first join and then. AHRMA allows many bikes to “race up” a class, so there are riders who race three or more classes per day on the same bike. Get a rulebook.

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Seat belts and airbags and automatic transmissions and ABS and TC and left-turn lights coddle us in safety. I reengaged but had lost a ton of time and was passed by three riders. He arrived at NJMP with significant timing, exhaust and jetting differences and frankly, we never got the bike running well. The pushing got suddenly easier and I turned to see Nick and my boys Jer and Jordan pushing. Brian Smith saved me a spot in his motorhome and once again illustrated what friendship is all about.

Fast riders will most certainly encounter lapped traffic or other-class traffic in every race and those encounters need to be dealt with safely. Nick shamed me into it! Chris Jensen was racing one at NJMP with style, but was outgunned by the more modern machinery in the current classes. I was tremendously happy with this result. Each time out on the track, whether it was during practice or the races, my focus was on improving this aspect of my riding.

You will find wild enthusiasm for just about every type of motorcycle imaginable. Unfortunately, a number of my fellow competitors did not recognize the fourth type and proceeded to wad some really nice bikes.


Four Racers at AHRMA: Four Guys Racing

It may not have been ideal, but every rider was handed the same cards. The improvements to my bike for this season included a weight reduction of a whopping 35 pounds with the final ready-to-race weight of lbs. To my shock no tulebook passed me and I gassed it up the hill and into four and five defensively. The weather was frightful Friday evening and we knew we’d be dealing with track water in areas ahra T3, T10 and T1 on Saturday.

He is a true racer in that he brings an intensity to race day that seems devoid of nerves.

That studied apprenticeship made him one of the fastest racers in both of the classes he ran. Awesome program and great rrulebook. AJ will figure them all out eventually, but time spent on his R3 will not be the best training if he has a twins race planned on his A year of successful and enjoyable riding and racing has given ahrja the confidence to trust himself, to let things roll a bit, to put more load in the chassis and tires.

By the way, the guy who won all of those races was none other than Nate Kern, BMW factory test rider on super trick factory 9T. Nate Kern was in the lead and became my rabbit.

He, like Rob, grabbed podiums places last month at Roebling Road. On lap six I caught three slower bikes from another class running together.

I was keen to make it all the way past him before committing to the turn and then railed up through 8, 9 and This weekend I saw a racer emerge from what has previously been a very good trackday rider and instructor. American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association: Here, Brian and Nick are worried about getting washed away while trying to get to the motorhome.


Judge’s Decision This Week May Decide AHRMA’s Fate

I remember those Sunday nights with Steve Biganski back when we were racing s, and AHRMA racing lets me revisit the emotional and physical euphoria. In the last ten years of track days and racing, Rob has only crashed once when he had a major front-brake failure.

Like AJ, Brian put his time into his technique and approach. I ran straight across the track and into the grass at 3C but stayed up and rejoined at the bottom of wheelie hill.

He takes this knowledge-based approach to his riding and racing. He does a daily diet and stretching regimen that put his mind and body in the moment.

I passed two them in the entrance to three and was directly behind the next guy entering 3B.

In the morning practice I was able to really press, dropping lap times to 1: Got my spare helmet teched and I was ready to go. Still agrma to ride it around in a rpm power band…and that meant running a gear lower everywhere, including first gear through the water exiting turn ten.

We have alarms on our houses and cars to protect us.