Fig.3 AgNOR staining with peripheral blood lymphocytes. . The technical aspect of AgNOR staining procedure should be carefully dealt with. Attention should. Conclusions: AgNOR staining can be considered as a useful adjunct to adjunct procedures which can diagnose malignancy at the earliest. Silver staining results are comparable to those obtained. [A standardized AgNOR stain method for formalin fixed and paraffin embedded .. to be a good adjunct to presently available frozen section techniques and cytology.

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The grading of dots dispersion was performed according to Khan et al.

The AgNOR dots have become blurred due to dim background and less clearly stzining as compared to photomicrograph a. Quantity of nucleolar silver-stained proteins is related to proliferative activity in cancer cells. It is advisable to wear gloves as the black spots are not very attractive. Over the past 12 years, the sstaining method” has been applied in tumour pathology for both diagnostic and prognostic purposes.

Nucleolar and argyrophilic nucleolar organizer region counts in urothelial carcinomas with special emphasis on grade II tumors.

This method gives excellent proecdure, but you have to cope with a little bit of xylene smell. Our results show that the mAgNOR was 2.


Modified method of AgNOR staining for tissue and interpretation in histopathology

Nucleolar organiser regions NORs are defined as nucleolar components containing a set of argyrophilic proteins, which are selectively stained by silver methods. This method saves time, cost and gives far better results. Nucleolus organizing region activity.

Cancer Genet Cytogenet 35, Argyrophilic nucleolar organizer region counts in multiple myeloma: Two investigators without knowledge of the method of AgNOR stain, tumour type, grade, stage, or disease outcome, performed the AgNOR counts, size and distribution.

Put a few drops of xylene on procevure preparation and cover with a large No. Cell kinetics analysis of surgically resected non-small cell carcinoma of the lung using the AgNOR silver stain.

AgNOR staining and quantification.

In the present study, we adopted both methods and compared their results. We performed the AgNOR staining with previously adapted procedure and modified procedures. Role of the argyrophilic nucleolar organizer regions in tumor detection and prognosis.

Acknowledgments We are thankful to our Prof.

There are different methods of AgNOR staining. Cytoplasmic granules, organelles and neuroendocrine. The staining results of our study were brighter agnr toning agents as consistent with Mourad et al.

This procedyre was conducted in the department of Pathology King Edward Medical University, from June to December to introduce the new method of AgNOR staining and its interpretation to increase its reliability. However, the lack of a standardised silver-staining protocol has agnnor to much misinterpretation of actual structures evaluated in individual studies.


In previous methods counter stain Neutral red was used. Do not bring in contact with metal objects. The tissue was deparaffinized in several changes of xylene and descending alcohol concentrations. These counts were high in all 40 cases of astrocytoma of grades I—IV and normal in normal brain tissue 0.

These findings are not consistent with those reported by Mourad et al. The tissue was then incubated in acid alcohol three parts ethanol: If necessary apply another drop of silver nitrate solution on top.

It is corrosive, but not really dangerous to human beings, and is used occasionally as a disinfectant. Banacroft J D, Gamble M, editors. We also pay words of praise for all who helped us in performing laboratory works, writing paper, checking statistics and references.