AFTO Form H, Aerospace Vehicle Flight Status and Maintenance Document. AFTO Form J, Aerospace Vehicle Engine Flight Document. The Crew Chief must also transcribe open discrepancies to new As or transfer them to the K. AFTO Form J (Aerospace vehicle – Engine Flight. Purpose of the AFTO form series Crew chief personnel or alternate are resposible for maintaing aircraft forms to include 1. Initiation . AFTO Form J.

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If these forms are kept forever somewhere, is there a way of retrieving them for our entertainment 40 plus years later???

What is a afto form j

More in air, sea or land for less money. What do you fellow crew chiefs think, wouldn’t it be fun to go through them again???

Taking hours to update your records entering way more than part and serial number? I always was looking for an extra one that I intended to keep for myself!! The AFTO FORM series collectively provides a maintenance, inspection, service, configuration, status, and flight record for the particular aerospace vehicles and trainers for which they are maintained.

End your drudgery task you IT professionals to maintain the IT systems! The most common of the series of forms is the A where all discrepancies are listed along with their corrective actions. The AFTO form f contains what information? What eight AFTO forms are mandatory for aerospace maintenance and are within the vehicle forms binder?


The specific time interval between supervisor reviews may be determined by the Major Command or delegated to the Deputy Command for Maintenance. I was reading the posts on the different levels of training and the diagonals and red x’s, and got to thinking about all of the time that we crew chiefs spent on them!! I don’t remember any other times it may have been. Ken, I, for one would love to see the old forms.

I too would find it an absolute thrill to go back over those maint.

Discrepancies resulting from battle damage will not be documented on the A. All of the above. I’m correct about that, I hope?????????? Of aftk the damn stuff was there. The afto form 43 for a container TODO account must be approved by?

AFTO Form Series – AF

Now where the hell did I leave my shoes???? Since I was still stationed at Naha during that forrm, makes it seem more real!! I seem to remember turning over the completed forms after carrying forward any open items to the shift supervisor you know, the guy in the bread truck who was never around when you needed him. The ‘s I was most concerned with were the daily ones that I think were pretty plain and white in color.


Am I all messed up, more than usual??? Register a new account. I do know I couldn’t keep that kind of schedule up now, Ken By the way Sonny, the A that you enclosed is a little more elaborate than the old ones, but most of the blanks and info needed look familiar!

AFTO Form 781 Series

The aerospace vehicle commander will complete blocks 1, 6 through 33, 35, and 36 in accordance with AFI What does a red symbol on the afto form a represent? How do you pull Air Force aircraft forms?

Sfto, I remember those form numbers now.

Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. This page has been accessed 9, times. Of course you had to run it also to turn the rotating beacon on to get the expediter truck driver to come to your plane at night. By the way Sonny, the Flrm that you enclosed is a little more elaborate than the old ones, but most of the blanks and info needed look familiar!