This page will assist Unit Training Managers in completing and submitting the AF Form , Classification/On-the-Job Training Action, for Air. Fill Af Form , download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and printable from PC, iPad, tablet or mobile with PDFfiller āœ“ Instantly āœ“ No software. Try Now!. Classifications office noting additions, deletions, or errors by suspense date provided in email. ā–« Losing unit is responsible to provide AF Form to MPS for.

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To flip the current card, click it or press the Spacebar key. To move the current card to one of the three colored boxes, click on the box. You may also click on the card displayed in any of the three boxes to bring that card back to the center. Embed Code – If you would like this activity on your web page, copy the script below and paste it into your web page.

Pass complete!

Make sure you listen to what the newcomer has to ac. Will your family members accompany you and what are their names,ages,and interests? Do you need info about services, banking, child care, education, and so forth? Do you want me to meet you when you arrive and what is the date, time, and location?

Within how many days should you mail the sponsor kit? Mail the sponsor kit within seven calendar days. What two letters should you include in the sponsor kit?

A personalized letter from your commander and your own personal letter. Where does an inprocessing member first report? First, the member reports to the customer support element fa check in. What document is used?

Imr does the personnelist do if the departure date is missing? When inventorying the FRGp, what document is utilized to compare the enclosed documents with? What is an UIF? The UIF is an official record of unfavorable information about an individual. What does a UIF consist of?

Who will appoint an individual to act as the base UIF monitor? Who can commanders appoint as the unit UIF monitor?

Commanders will appoint a personnel specialist or a civilian civil service employee or contractor from their staff to act as the unit UIF monitor. Or an information manager may be appointed if a personnelist is not assigned. What can a LOD determination impact? An LOD should not be used for what purposes? Who is subject to LOD determinations? Occupational surveys, internal reporting requirements, surveys of course graduates, official audit surveys, surveys requiring OMB approval, and single-base surveys initiated by an installation or unit commander.

What information is required in the survey approval request? All personnel will maintain strict confidentiality concerning the identity of individual survey respondents. What responsibilities does the survey respondent have?

Free Military Flashcards about 3S vol 3

However, no classified information may be included in any answer to a personnel survey. A respondent is not required, but is encouraged to complete surveys. What are the responsibilities of the MPS commander?

  EV P3000RL PDF

The MPS commander will ensure compliance with AFICasualty Services and they may delegate completion of forms to the customer support element. What is the intention of the special counseling? The intent of special counseling is to inform members of their insurance benefits, the rationale behind those 20966, and the general availability of commercial alternatives.

What is the principal role of life insurance? What two types of insurance are there?

The two primary types of insurance are term and whole life. List five different types of ID cards. The VO is responsible for validating eligibility of bona fide beneficiaries to received benefits and entitlements, and is the only person authorized to sign block number 99 on the DD Form Who is eligible for join spouse assignment consideration? What is the primary document used to record the marriage of a military couple? The AF IMT must be completed as soon as possible following the marriage of two military members.

When the person is incapable of acting on his or her own behalf, is missing, or is deceased. How long do you have to file a correction to military records?

Ordinarily, applicants must file an application within 3 years after the error or injustice was discovered. What are the Casualty Services program objectives? To track casualty reports and notifications in accordance with procedures set by HQ AFPC; reports casualties; ensures notification has been made to the NOK; and provides compassionate assistance to the NOK until all claims and personal affairs are settled The CAR prepares written instructions to supplement AFIoutlining the responsibilities of which agencies?

How often is the SBP paid? What is the payment equal to? The annuity is equal to 55 percent of the retired pay a member would be entitled as if retired for total disability on the date of death. On what date did the payment reduction cease?

As a sponsor, what question would you not ask the newcomer? What type of vehicle do you drive? For information about on- and off-base housing, if the newcomer has dependents, where does the sponsor go? Once the member inprocesses, no-fee passports are collected by a personnelist. For officers, all of the following can look at unfavorable information files UIF -commanders at all levels for members assigned or attached to their unit. For enlisted members, who is not allowed to look at unfavorable information files?

An officer receives a letter of reprimand LOR. How many days does an individual enlisted and officer have to acknowledge the intended actions and provide pertinent information before the commander makes the final decision on placing optional documents in the unfavorable information file UIF? Who is not subject to line of duty LOD determinations? A line of duty LOD determination process must be initiated when a member, whether hospitalized or not, has an illness, injury or disease that results in all of the following -death of a member.

Making the medical determination. All approved, non-local surveys show one of the following -survey control number. Which of the following types of insurance does the government not offer?

All of the following children are eligible for an identification ID card -child, unmarried and under age 21, adopted. Identification ID card verifying and issuing officials cannot be below the grade of Eā€”4.


Once you retrieve identification ID cards, you may do all of the following -destroy. Members are eligible for join spouse assignment consideration unless they are on extended active duty with the AF and the spouse is civilian.

What form is used as the primary document to record the marriage of a military couple?

Which is not a join spouse intent code? What form is used to apply for a correction to military records? You can locate the form used to apply for a correction to military records at all of the following locations -any Air Force Military Personnel Section.

What is the responsibility of the military personnel section commander as it pertains to casualty services?

What are the three types of casualty reports? Hostile, non-hostile, and pending. The Survivor Benefit Plan SBP annuity paid is paid to a surviving spouse until the spouse dies, but is suspended upon remarriage before age A request for humanitarian reassignment or deferment is considered based on what? A humanitarian request may be approved when what criteria is met? A request may be approved when it is clearly in the best interest 2906 the Air Force.

A humanitarian request will not be disapproved based solely on what? What must a member, desiring humanitarian deferment, formally submit? When an individual is relocating due to PCS, TDY, separation, or retirement, the member will have a relocation folder.

Who is responsibility for 296 the relocation folder? It is the responsibility lmt the career development element personnelist to prepare the relocation folder. How many relocation folders are prepared for several individuals being reassigned to the same location with the same reporting month? Prepare once relocation folder when reassigning several individuals to the same location with the same reporting month unit move.

What documents are kept in the relocation folder? The career development element is the base-level POC and will xf guidance and administrative support to assigned personnel.

Who does the dependent travel to a designated place DTDP program apply to? This program applies to an Airman selected to serve a short, dependent restricted overseas tour or an Airman electing to serve an unaccompanied overseas tour and does or does not have an approved overseas follow-on assignment. Who does the dependent travel to a designated place with wf approved overseas follow-on assignment apply to? This program int to an Airman with an approved overseas follow-on assignment.

Who does the dependent travel to a designated place without a follow-on assignment apply to? This program applies to Airmen without an approved follow-on assignment. What must officers do before they apply for separation? Officers must meet with their immediate commander or supervisor before applying for separation to schedule the separation and consider their preference and interests of the Air Force.