Actuate Active Portal Security Extension (APSE) Actuate BIRT iHub Usage and Error Log Consolidator Actuate Information Delivery API (IDAPI). “Hi I’m trying to use the Actuate IDAPI client for Java to log in to a server and download files. I have set up an actuate user and when I log on to. How to connect webservices client to Actuate iServer 7 OR to be more specific.. What is servlet container path in Actuate iServer 7. Please help.

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MBarajas and JThompson are Encyclopedia actuats users. Timeout for generation of gadgets in BIRT specifies the number of seconds that iHub has to generate a gadget. Table lists the property names that appear in Configuration Console with the corresponding parameter names in acserverconfig.

By default this buffer is MB. AAA is a member service organization affiliated with From the side menu, choose Server Configuration Templates. You can combine these functions on one machine. Using a resource group A user can specify a resource group in a job schedule to assign priority to a job. The e-mail server sends a failure notice to iHub.

If the time-out value is too small, the Factory process breaks the connection before the open server service is able to respond. Deselect this option to disable the use of SMTP e-mail servers for e-mail notification.


Then, using Configuration Console, the administrator configures an Encyclopedia kdapi to use a web service that supports RSSE processing. To confirm the deletion, choose OK, as shown in Figure Setting Configuration Console options The administrator can change the way Configuration Console displays the following settings: To use the proxy, install it under its own context root on your application server.

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How did you get your first interview at Workforce Software? Using variable attributes Table describes the valid values of variables for insertion in e-mail notices. Properties consist of data source type, connection properties, and pass-through security type. The information objects become available in the Actuqte volume, and designs can use them as data sources.

The JDBC driver never times out when connecting to the database if you acyuate this value to 0. The Actuate Information, Configuration, and Management Consoles support distributing requests to multiple machines, which handle load balancing in the cluster. Please type in a position!

The default configuration specifies that all Factory processes use the AIS server. Listing The acserverconfig. Microsoft Corporation Microsoft Developer Network: Applicable to SMTP and sendmail configurations. When you enable or disable a service in a template, the cluster nodes that use different templates can have different functionality.

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Soap port The number of a valid, used port for the custom event service. Then, point to the arrow zctuate to the partition name to display the drop-down list for actuat partition. In a cluster, you can use templates to configure the nodes instantiated in an iHub System, as shown in Figure Managing Integration service resources The administrator configures Integration service properties on Server Configuration Templates—Advanced to control how iHub and an Integration handle data from a data source.


Alternatively, specify a suffix to the greeting. You can adjust the time a volume takes to go offline in Grace period. Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed.

Setting the value to 0 prevents the generation of any unscheduled documents. How to configure error logging 1 Log in iadpi Configuration Console and choose Advanced view.

A resource group allocates a set of Factory processes in a stand-alone iHub or in a cluster for executing jobs assigned to the resource group. In Volume—Properties—General, the administrator can configure the minimum free disk space for a partition by typing a new value in Min Free Space for the primary partition. Programmer Analyst Infosmart Systems Inc. Level of detail Figure Viewing the default level of detail for diagnostic logging Listing contains an excerpt from a log that describes a problem caused by an application blocking port 25, the SMTP port.