Actuate Active Portal Security Extension (APSE) Actuate BIRT iHub Usage and Error Log Consolidator Actuate Information Delivery API (IDAPI). “Hi I’m trying to use the Actuate IDAPI client for Java to log in to a server and download files. I have set up an actuate user and when I log on to. How to connect webservices client to Actuate iServer 7 OR to be more specific.. What is servlet container path in Actuate iServer 7. Please help.

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About load balancing iHub consoles ensure high availability and distribute tasks for efficient processing using load balancing. Decrease the size of the cache to conserve disk space. HtmlUnit, licensed under Apache License Version 2. Too large a heap can slow garbage collection because there is more heap to scan.

Setting the value of Number of Requests Before Recycling Processes low restarts Factories more frequently than setting the value high. Log In Sign Up. The document output group information appears only with document events. If you change the value to false, all the existing instances of scheduled jobs using the custom event fail. The numeric values in Table indicate the event types. To enable a volume, point to the icon next to a disabled volume name and choose Enable, as shown in Figure Encyclopedia volume job purging Fields 10 through 12 contain error parameters.

Programmer Analyst Infosmart Systems Inc. Table lists the property name that appears in Configuration Console with the corresponding parameter names in acmetadescription. Figure shows udapi path of the primary partition on Windows. The proxies maintain the session stickiness and distribute requests to the available installations of iHub consoles.


The directory for a error log file is not configurable. Resource Groups, or Printers, a related list appears. Accepting the default settings installs the PostgreSQL database.

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Moving an Encyclopedia volume to another partition Volumes—Properties—General lists the primary partition for the volume. Configuring e-mail notification settings iHub can notify users by e-mail that a ida;i completed or failed. If a user receives a message that the synchronous job queue is full, consider increasing the queue size or resources, such as CPU power.

Configuring a diagnostic logging category A configuration change in the default Simple view applies to all categories of logging. Alternatively, type another port number. Install these tools on the node where the caching server is enabled.

The user who requested the document receives a message that the job expired in the queue. By configuring cache time-out for BIRT designs, the administrator can control how long the design remains in cache. Actuaate method of deployment requires packaging the Java classes as a JAR file and attaching the JAR file as a resource to the design file.

Configuring an Encyclopedia volume.

When the log file size reaches the limit, iHub starts writing to a new log file. Figure shows Volumes—Properties—Events. Install an RSSE application on an Encyclopedia volume to run in its own location on iHub by performing the following tasks: By default, the service starts each time the machine reboots. The maximum number of e-mail recipients is a system attribute. The administrator can change the minimum by configuring Min Free Space.

The administrator can use this property to manage log space usage in actuuate environment with limited disk space. Acttuate, parameters, hyperlinks, Support of multiple locales, Pivot ranges, VBA macros, Call-back functions, Development of secure templates: Configuring an Encyclopedia volume partition View and modify the partitions assigned to an Encyclopedia volume in Volumes—Properties—Partitions.


You can specify one of the following values: Volume Names of the volumes. Viewing starts when a user runs a design to create a document or selects an existing document in either Information Console or Management Console.

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In Version information, the status changes from online to offline, as shown in Figure Table shows the configuration setting in acpmdconfig. To support multiple Encyclopedia volumes in a cluster, you need the Multi-Tenant option or an equivalent.

Please type in a position! When you take the node offline, the cluster can no longer access its services.

Actuate Admin and Architect | Dallas, TX job

In iServer Release 10 and later, an information architect creates an information cache definition file using Actuate Information Object Designer. Setting the size of the queue too large can cause the accumulation of too many requests in the queue.

The load-balancing mechanisms attempt to actuafe performance. The iHub application container that runs the RSSE web service application is in the following directory: All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners, companies, or organizations.

Name is the name of the printer. Setting the logging level to Detail for document generation events decreases performance.