View and Download ABB ACS user manual online. ACS Inverter pdf manual download. MTAC pulse encoder interface module user’s manual 3AFE MUL1- R1 installation instructions for ACS, ACS,. ACS, ACS and. ACS Drives Users Manual ACS Three Phase Input. ABB ACS general machinery drives are designed for the OEM machine building sector.

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The DCU profile extends the control and status interface to 32 bits. Automatic reset after the autoreset delay.

ABB ACS350 User Manual

Fasten the clamping plate to the plate at the bottom of the drive with the provided screws. Remove the terminal cover by simultaneously pushing the recess and sliding the cover off the frame.

Reference types and processing The drive can accept a variety of references in addition to the conventional analog input and control panel signals.

Thermistor Contact your local ABB representative. Control Cable Ducts A diagram of the cable routing is shown below. Ul Marking UL marking See the type designation label for the valid markings of your drive.

The general parameter setting procedure is given above. The total heat dissipation is the sum of the heat dissipation in the main and control circuits.

Guarantees the best possible control accuracy. Control can also be switched to speed control using a digital input. The chapter describes the construction and type code information mahual short. Connections The diagram gives an overview of connections.


The ACS works with either of two different control panel types: Table Of Contents AC power line connection An ID Run is especially effective when: State 1 is active for 40 s.

Strip the outer insulation of the analog signal cable degrees and ground the bare shield under the clamp. Example The figure below shows a brake control application example. Flux Optimisation Flux Optimisation Flux Optimisation reduces the total energy consumption and motor noise level when the drive operates below the nominal load.


Covers on R0 and R1. Specify the first part of the date day or month depending on the selected date format with Page Fieldbus control with embedded fieldbus What this chapter contains The chapter describes how the drive can be controlled by external devices over a communication network using embedded fieldbus.

Status line The top line of the LCD display shows the basic status information of the drive. Alarm limit is page Selecting the power cables General rules Dimension the input power and motor cables according to local regulations.

Constant speeds are mqnual with digital inputs. Page Drive control parameters After the fieldbus communication has been set up, the drive control parameters listed in the table below should be checked and adjusted where necessary. Assistants Mode Assistants mode When the drive is first powered up, the Start-up Assistant guides you through the setup of the basic parameters.


Torque Control macro This macro provides parameter settings for applications that require torque control of the motor.

The ID Run takes about one mnual. Safety What this chapter contains The chapter contains the safety instructions which you must follow when installing, operating and servicing the drive. The Fieldbus Control Interface The fieldbus control interface The communication between a fieldbus system and the drive consists of bit input and output data words with ABB Drives profile and bit input and output words with DCU profile.

Make sure that dust from drilling does not enter the drive during the installation.

Page 69 Initially, the panel is in the Output mode, where you can With PTC the output current is 1. Constant Speeds Constant speeds It is possible to define seven positive constant speeds. DCU communication profile Because the DCU profile extends the control and status interface to 32 bits, two different signals are needed for both the control and and status and words.

Operation You operate the control panel with the help of menus and keys.

As default all sequence programming parameters can be changed even when the sequence programming is active.