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I wouldn’t have thought so but I’ve seen that be the case with guitar pedal stuff.

Strides Towards Quantum Computing: Submit a new text post. R e ctifiers section. Then I have to figure out what measured gain is the one that matters. Both seem to be specced at hFE. Absolutely none of them had gains as high as recommended for fuzz face circuits.

AC ETC, AC Datasheet

They are surplus, mostly from radios and other basic applications. I tend to think it’s from the fuzz face circuit current, but then it would seem like the second transistor gets more current than the first, yet the testing circuits out there use the same current regardless of what transistor you’re testing, so are the measured numbers from those circuits really applicable to the ranges we’re looking at for a fuzz face?


Fuzz simulation – Ge Transistor. Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to achieve. I transkstor into this quite some time ago: Aside from that, stay alert for funky old pocket and portable radios in yard sales and such.

Now that we’ve heard from the man who has never worked with a distortion circuit, we can proceede. That is vastly different and when I figured out how to modify the circuit for what I needed the measured gain was right in spec after all. Message 9 of Good luck to your fuzz tones design.

I just got some AC transistors from ebay and the rest was from newark.

AC Datasheet PDF –

Please read this first! All i know is the lots i bought didn’t specify the Hfe like the one you linked to. They’re known informally as component brokers because they buy up excess inventory for pennies on the dollar and re-sell at hiked up prices or when supply is low. Not sure what’s up with that. You May Also Like: Aug 9, If you find low gain on all your MP40s, it could be that you’re testing under different conditions than the datasheet datasueet.


That seller names rings a bell though, but i can’t be sure.

ac128 germanium pnp transistor

Do connect the replacement transistor or diode the right way round firs t time. Base A BCLegulator 1. Aug 9, 7.

Message 2 of Oh just a small side question, do any of the components in that schematic require especially high voltage or wattage ratings? The very old AC germanium transistor had a different base-emitter voltage requirement compared to a silicon transistor and had a poor high frequency response so it will sound different to a silicon transistor.

Sellers that have stock trahsistor very likely to conceal their sources at all costs.

They are manufactured with a 0. Some transistors that have the right gain and low leakage can still be very hissy.


Looking for troubleshooting help? Aug 8, 3.

Germanium has slightly different characteristics from silicon. Mar 21, tfansistor 2. Message 1 of Because GE transistors are such a niche component and resellers can charge a premium for them.

Yes, my password is: The L on the pots means linear.