Does the Fatal1ty AN8 SLI compare well to other, more conventionally feature- rich boards? Read on to find out. The specs. The Fatal1ty AN8. Download free pdf user manual, owner guide for ABIT brand. ABIT FATAL1TY AA8XE · ABIT FATAL1TY AN8 SLI · ABIT GD8 PRO · ABIT GD8, GD8-M. Fatal1ty AN8 SLI. Socket ; Nvidia® NF4 SLI; 2GHz HT; Dual DDR; Nvidia SLI Tech. NV SATA 3G RAID; NV GbE; NV Firewall; IEEE a; ABIT µGuru™.

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All other trademarks are the property of manuual respective owners. Table of Contents Chapter 1. Install Realtek Audio Driver When I was 13, I actually played competitive billiards in professional tournaments and won four or five games off guys who played at the highest level. It’s unreal – it’s crazy. Hardware Setup Chapter 2.


Hardware Setup Before the Installation: Failing to do so may cause the motherboard components or add-on cards to malfunction or be damaged. Always use the processor with the Heatsink and Fan Assembly installed. Do not touch the pins on the processor.

On the other side, push the retention clip straight down to lock into the plastic lug on the retention frame. Turn the cam lever to lock into the retention frame. Hardware Setup Please follow the instructions below to set the system to SLI mode and install your graphics cards.

Please handle the switchboard with caution. Watch out for the sharp edges. Slightly push down the switchboard until the retention clip snap into places.

Make sure the switchboard is completely inserted into the slot. Connectors, Headers and Switches Here we will show you all of the connectors, headers and switches, and how to connect them.

Please read the entire section for necessary information before attempting to finish all the hardware installation inside the computer chassis. FAN Power Connectors These connectors each provide power to the cooling fans installed in your system.

Hardware Setup 3. Watch the power LED pin position and orientation. Hardware Setup 5. Pin shorted default: Hardware Setup 8. Connect the single end at the longer length of ribbon cable to the FDC1 on the board, the two connectors on the other end to the floppy disk drives connector.

Hardware Setup This LED lights up when the power supply is connected with power source. This LED lights up when the system power is on. POST Code in address 80h to find out where the problem lies. Remove the rubber protection-caps before using this optical fiber cable.


Pull out the 3.

Plug the end with 3. This jack is used for either optical or line input. Plug one end of a standard 3. Please follow the below diagram to connect your sound system to the audio daughter card. Front Panel Audio Connection Header This header provides the connection to audio connector at front panel. Connects to Local Area Network. Connects to USB devices such as scanner, digital speakers, monitor, mouse, keyboard, hub, digital camera, joystick etc. In order to increase system stability and performance, gatal1ty engineering staffs are abitt improving the BIOS menu.

The BIOS setup screens and descriptions illustrated in this manual are for your reference only and may not completely match what you see on your screen. You may switch between these two by clicking the left or right arrow key on keyboard: This item selects the external clock frequency. Due to the specification limit of the CPU you installed, the speed you set over its standard bus speed is supported, but not guaranteed.

This item displays the multiplier factor for the CPU you installed. Some processors might have this multiplier factor locked, abih there is no way to choose a higher multiplier factor. On The Fly F Exit These manula display the power cycle statistics for each element.

Chapter 3 Voltage Monitoring: Chapter 3 FanEQ1 Control: This item sets the high and low temperature limits desired for the fan speed ftaal1ty. This abif displays the number of cylinders at which to change the write timing. This item configures the number of sectors per track. BIOS Setup When this item is set to Enabled, if the BIOS detects no floppy drive, it will display a floppy disk drive error message.

If this item is disabled, the BIOS will skip this test. This item selects the DRAM timing mode. Three options are available: The default setting is Disabled.

If you choose the wrong setting, the computer system will not run in a stable manner. This item selects which display slot to be initialized first when the system boots. When the system boots, it will first initialize PCI.

When the system boots, it will first initialize PCIE. This option enables or disables the IEEE controller. You can set the Date month Alarm and Time Alarm hh: Any event occurring will awaken a system that has powered down. This option enables or disables the AMD K8 cool and quiet function. Please disable this item manuwl running under SLI mode. The installation procedures and screen shots in this section are based on the Windows XP operating system.


Choose [Yes, I want to restart my computer now.

ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 SLi – motherboard – ATX – Socket – nForce4 SLI Overview – CNET

For those of other OS, please follow its on-screen instruction. The installation for USB 2. CD to enter the installation menu. The following screen appears. Click [Finish] to complete setup. Insert one blank floppy disk to the selected floppy drive and click [Build]. Check validity manuaal RTC value: If CMOS checksum fails, use default value instead.

Set up ACPI table at top of the memory. Start power on sequence 8. Enable ATX power supply 8. ATX power supply ready 8. DDR voltage ready 8. Yes, we highly recommend that amnual clear the CMOS before installing a new motherboard.

Please move the CMOS jumper from its default position to for a few seconds, and then back. How can I get a quick response to my request for wbit support? If you have slj problem during operation, in order to help our technical support personnel quickly determine the problem with your motherboard and give you the answers you need, eliminate any peripheral that is not related to the problem, and indicate it on the form.

Motherboard model number REV: Also please make sure you have the latest drivers from your peripheral card makers! We are trying to expand and make the FAQs slii helpful and information rich.

Let us know if you have any suggestions. They should have reasonable return or refund policies. How they serve you is also a good reference for your next purchase.

First, please contact the support team for the branch office closest to you. Please contact the reseller from whom you bought the product. You should be able to get RMA service there.

Because of the tremendous number of email messages we receive every day, we are forced to give greater weight to certain types of messages than to others. Page xn8 96 Go. Install nVidia nForce Chipse