Talwars’ advocate Tanveer Ahmad Mir after the court verdict. Aarushi case: CBI to study Allahabad High Court verdict, consult experts. The verdict ends a long ordeal of the Noida-based dentist couple who were found guilty by a Ghaziabad CBI court on November 26, and. CBI has received the judgement copy of Aarushi Talwar murder case in which the Allahabad HC mentioned that there are no enough evidence.

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Although CBI found circumstantial evidence against the parents, there were many gaps: On the morning of 16 May, the key was found in its shoe-shaped key ring, on top of a framed wall sculpture near the house entrance, in the living room.

Noida double murder case – Wikipedia

Sentenced to life imprisonment. None of acse circumstances pointed to the guilt of the parents. The Durranis, who were close friends of the Talwars, stated that the stains could be from the boils that Rajkumar had on his body.

The public opinion turned against the Talwars, and many of their jkdgement started avoiding them. According to Varshney, the police told him that the killer must have tried to escape through or hide weapon on the terrace, but returned after finding it locked.

Others apart from Talwars, Hemraj were present, says defence”.

Aarushi murder case: no conclusive evidence against parents, says Allahabad High Court

Besides, the CBI argued, that the cuts on the victims’ necks were “surgical” and could have been only made by professional trained experts, and the blunt injury appeared to have been caused by a golf club. Retrieved 18 November Read the Judgment Here.

The blood found on the staircase leading to the terrace on 17 May might have come from the mattress that the cleaners were trying to dump on the terrace. Rajesh went upstairs to identify the body. The speculations about a sexual relationship between a teenage girl and her male servant provided material for yellow journalismas did the allegations about the extra-marital affair of Aarushi’s father.


They then cleaned the blood stains on the floor. There was no sign of asphyxia.

Breaking: Aarushi Talwar-Hemraj Double Murder: Talwars Acquitted, Mystery Continues [Read Judgment]

Naresh Raj, who conducted Hemraj’s post-mortem performed the procedure of converting the swabs into slides and conducted the vaginal swab test. Nupur later told police that she was not sure whether she closed Aarushi’s door the last time she entered the room at The couple had been lodged in Dasna jail since then. Retrieved 10 August The judgement went on say “It can by no means be denied that the trial judge, perhaps out of extra zeal and enthusiasm and on the basis of self perception adopted partial and parochial approach in giving vent to his own emotional belief and conviction and thus tried to give concrete shape to his own imagination stripped of just evaluation of evidence and facts of this case.

Retrieved 27 October Youth attacks Rajesh Talwar with meat cleaver”.

When they said “No”, she moved on to work in other households. They also saw patients at the Fortis Hospital warushi, where Rajesh headed the dental department.

InCBI told the court that according to the faculty at the Talwars’ alma mater Maulana Azad Medical Collegetheir dental students were taught surgery.

CBI sources have told India Today that it may take few weeks before they decide next course of action. Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar—as the prime suspects. The Talwar family called the verdict a miscarriage of justice, and alleged that the points proving innocence of Rajesh and Nupur [] were aarushu produced by the CBI before the court. Bharati walked out of the apartment to inform the neighbours. Awakened by the noise, Nupur Talwar came to Aarushi’s room.


Talwars can’t be convicted based on the basis of suspicion Talwars must be given benefit of the doubt Judgeement failed to prove beyond doubt that Talwars are guilty. Mishra promised that he would himself visit the crime scene, and meanwhile, sent the station officer Dataram Nauneria to the apartment.

Intercourse theory takes a knock”. Very strong words against the trial judge by High court judgement reads “It is apparent that the trial judge was unmindful of the basic tenets of law and its applicability to the given facts and circumstances of the case and failed to properly appraise facts and evaluate evidence and analyze various circumstances of this case.

Read & Download: Full Judgement in Aarushi Murder Case by Allahabad HC – Legal Desire

However, the police did not check this. They also collected all the blood-stained clothes and judgemfnt sharp-edged weapon in order to dispose of them. Avirook Sen who wrote an investigative book on the case maintains there are cawe shortcomings in the case against the Talwars. He did not find Hemraj in his room, but heard some noise coming from Aarushi’s room.

She asked Bharati about the whereabouts of Hemraj. The key to the terrace was still missing. BK Mohapatra found it to be a mix of two vaginal samples, one of which was Aarushi’s.

The pillow was from Hemraj’s room; it was a part of “Parcel 21”, which had been collected from the Talwars’ house on 1 June