Article — From the January issue. A clack of tiny sparks. Remembrances of a gay boyhood. By Bernard Cooper. Download Pdf. Read Online. This article is. Our Service Can Write a Custom Essay on A Clack of Tiny Sparks in Cooper’s story, because she bridges the reality to Bernard Cooper’s. A Clack of Tiny Sparks: Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood A Clack of Tiny Sparks : Remembrances of a Gay Boyhood, written by Bernard Cooper is about a.

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He want sit so badly I think because he already knows he is truly attracted to the same sex not the opposite and wants to change it so he’ll be like all of his friends. He hopes that he will find a way to be the same as everyone else. He didn’t have any sparks for women he only had them for men. The feeling was not mutual when it w to his emotions.

He hid behind this image that wasn’t really him. Coack he is determined to kiss a girl and like it. I think that Cooper was so bored with the make out party that he was noticing and paying attention to things like the sparks from static electricity.

A Clack of Tiny Sparks Essay

Swimming provided him with sexual fantasy probably for the fact that it tickles his fancy and tinny likes the feel of the riffled water to his skin. This discription made me picture sparks from the static of the rug sparking while all these immature kids are switching partners at this party, static of immature curiousity.

In my opinion he ended the description of the party with the “clack of a tiny spark” because the party served as a conformation to him. The reason Cooper attends the make out party is because he wants to find out who he is in his life. The other boys and girls were kissing one another and feeling “sparks” or connections between them.

He ends the description with bernaard tiny clack of sparks because everyone there felt something for each other. He used the ting for his title because I think it best described how he felt at the time of not knowing whether he liked boys or girls.


I believe that is was a huge stereotype when his friend showed him how to pick out who was homosexual or not. To sit there in a culture that you feel you have to spaarks someone that you are not. He used this image for his title because he realized who he was, and what he liked and wanted.

He wants to kiss a girls to try and make himself like girls and no longer have feelings for boys. It is hard for him to be truthful with people about the fact that he is what he is and cannot change it. Cooper used “a clack of tiny sparks” because of the charged static from the shuffling accross the rug. This is when he found out he liked boys because he wasnt feeling any sparks toward any of the girls at the party.

I think thats why the tile is “A Clack of Tiny Sparks”. Free essays, essay examples, sample essays and essay writing tips for students.

Hot Essays: A Clack of Tiny Sparks Essay

Up until now, I’ve just been monitoring who has commented. I think the description at the end where he describes the party with, “clack of tiny sparks” is describing almost an epiphany which he has in realizing his true thoughts about himself, and who he feels attracted too.

Because the tiny “spark” only comes with boys, and not with girls no matter how hard he tries. Posted by Patricia Roy at Why did he use that image for his title? At HotEssays you can find useful writing guidelines on how to write good essays making your academic writing successful, effective and interesting. In Benard Coopers “Tiny Clack of Sparks” Cooper attends the make out party because he wants to have attaction towards girls and to hopefully end up kissing one of them.

He feels that if he kisses a girl than he will be able to have feelings for her rather than for other boys. Cooper attends the make out party because he wants to experience kissing a girl in hopes it will make him like girls instead of boys. He ends his description of the party with “clack of tiny sparks” because he can see and feel the sparks and connection between the other boys and girls.

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He attends the make out party because he wants to see how it feels to kiss a girl. Bernard is discussing his experiences along his path of sexual self-discovery. He now knew that he liked other guys becasue he didn’t have those sparks for the opposite sex. A Guiding Question for “Issues. Cooper attends the make out party in the hopes that he will kiss a girl and have feelings for her, rather than for boys. He is wanting to be normal-normal in this situation is him liking girls and not boys.

He didn’t feel the sparks when he kissed the girl. Admitting the fact that he was a homosexual was hard for Cooper because he knew he was so different from everyone else around him.

Newer Post Older Post Home. I think he used the image of the sparks as his title because it represents how he found out about his sexual orientation. He uses the description ” a clack of tiny sparks” for the end of the party to describe the attraction that the boys and girls felt towards eachother but he didnt feel any sparks towards any girls. Coopeer attends the “make out party” because he is hoping to kiss a girl. When we think of “sparks” we typically think of either something pertaining to soarks or love.

Jessica Wood Cooper has high hopes in kissing a girl bernarc having feelings for her so that he could be sure whether or not sparjs only had those feelings for boys. Why does Cooper attend the “make out bernagd Now that we all know how to use this blog, it is time for some to take it more seriously.

I believe that Copper used that image for his title because it is how he finds out that he truely likes men and that he has no control over how he feels.

Posted by Webmaster at 2: Cooper goes aa the party because he wants to know if he will enjoy kissing a girl. Are spaeks in search of free sample essays and essay examples on different topics?