Request TOSHIBA Semiconductor CORPORATION 74HC74AP: online from Elcodis, view and download 74HC74AP pdf datasheet, TOSHIBA Semiconductor . TC74HC74AP IC FLIP-FLOP DUAL D-TYPE DIP Toshiba datasheet pdf data 74HC74AP 4HC74AP HC74AP C74AP 74AP 4AP AP P TC74HC74AP. TC74HC74AP(F,M) IC FLIP-FLOP DUAL D-TYPE DIP Toshiba datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for.

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This catch phrase is “realizing ritch bass and well spread mediant and treble”. I want sounds as true as possible. I’m datasheet it looks so nice regarding flush.

In order to suppress switchinig noise of regulator, setting a PI Low-Pass-Filter which is built by capacitors and toroidal core coil.

Speaker is bass reflex type and its unit is 12cm. Its bass might be cut off, so I added 2. But I heard that it use negative feedback. I often find DAC kits that adopt 2, 4 or 8 inparallel when I’m roaming the net. It cannot be a responce of “sound”. I forefelt it would work well. Bass reflex is wrong regarding reproducing the original sound. Light unit as a feather can do. My emplanation may be very doutful, so please refer following sites. I’m sorry for my bad English.


I drilled a small hole. Please do at your own risk. It is far from the thought of reproducing the original sound in the first place. I used three TDA 3para. It got much more clear like urban escape. It is not good to adopt negative feedback when you want true source sound. I believed that it was a nice one.

I regret I’ve not use a flash. Was its reason time lag caused by the differences of the path-length? Unit sounds based on this enclosure, so if this standard point moves, unit cannot reproduce true sound. I was happy to have closed in true sounding. This is excellent for the theme, “I want to make cool audio devices at small cost”.

I want to try parallel use. I didn’t feel about speaker position, it was as is it were really source.

They adopt current output, so we can use plurality of them in parallel. I don’t take any responsibility for the trouble that can occur for this homepage. This was in my pocket luckily. TA is D-class amplifier and it uses PWM, so it would not good to datasheey the noise which frequency is as high as switching one.


Heavy unit can’t immediately responce. First floor is the part of digital and second is the one of analog.

74HC74AP Datasheet PDF

For larger image, please click. Then it got very clear and beautiful. You shud use speaker unit as light as possible. I replaced ohm resistor with ohm one and adjasted potentiometer, then I got datasheeg clear sound.