The works include that of Sri Ramanuja (Sri Bhashyam and others), Sri Periyavachan Pillai ( prabandham commentary and others), Sri Vedanta Desika. prabandhams which make the divine collection ‘nAlAyira divya prabhandam’ Whereas, tirumAlai prabandham is considered as the essence of Sri VishNu. and he learnt all the dhivya prabandham with their meanings by the divine grace He added kaNNinuN chiRu thAmbu into dhivya prabandhams in . to understand every word of divya prabhandam though I learn it from a guru.

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Though He was the supremely independent master of the nithyasUris eternally free souls and mukthAthmAs liberated soulshe wanted to rid himself of the one agony he had. That agony is him suffering for the suffering of the bound souls in the material world.

Him being the supreme father of every one, he was unable to bear the suffering of his children who are caught in the cycle of birth and death in the material world. Our AchAryas have explained that him feeling the pain for the suffering souls is also his auspicious quality. Just like an all-capable father who is happily living with his one child will still worry for his other child who is staying away from him on his own and struggling, bhagavAnthough being all-capable, he is feeling the pain looking at the plight of the jIvAthmA s in samsAram material world who are suffering since time-immemorial due to being covered by ignorance and lacking of true knowledge.

To facilitate the upliftment of such suffering jIvAthmA s, he gives body and senses for the jIvAthmA s during srushti creationreveals the sAsthram scriptureshimself descends in to the material world as various incarnations like SrI rAma, krishNa, etc.

Even after all of these, the jIvAthmA s are not really willing to learn the true knowledge and accept his supremacy. Just like a hunter will catch a deer using another trained deer, He decides to uplift jIvAthmA s through other jIvAthmA s who are already in the material world. So he chooses a select few of them, blesses them with divine knowledge and makes them AzhwArs.

AzhwAr means one who is immersed in bhagavath vishayam spiritual matters. Totally, AzhwArs are said to be 10 in number.


These pAsurams total up to verses approximately and are thus called dhivya prabandham. The whole purpose of these dhivya prabandhams is to uplift the jIvAthmA s by transmitting true knowledge. Our pUrvAchAryas fully relished the dhivya prabandhams and centered their life around learning them, teaching them and living by those pAsurams.

There was a dark period in the history where the dhivya prabandhams were lost in time after prabadnham time of AzhwArs. Eventually, it was nAthamunigaL who took lots of hardships to locate AzhwAr thirunagari which is the birth place of nammAzhwAr and he learnt all the dhivya prabandham with their meanings by the divine grace of nammAzhwAr.

It was during his period in SrIrangam, the meanings of dhivya prabandham were given great importance. He was engaged in giving lectures everyday close to the sanctum sanctorium of periya perumAL — SrI ranganAtha. It is explained that even periya perumAL would stand up and try to peek through the window to hear his lectures. These confidential matters were explained by various AchAryas at various times in various granthams.


Shortly in to the journey, he ascended to paramapadham due to the difficult journey through forests at such advanced age. Then came a lengthy period of pravandham for the whole of SrIvaishNava community. After few decades, when peace prevailed and invaders were driven out, namperumAL eventually returned to SrIrangam. He personally searched for all the lost literature, studied them, recorded them in palm leaves with great difficulty and preserved them for future generations to come.

Subsequently, many AchAryas who came in various lineages taught and lived by these dhivya prabandhams. It is emphasised greatly that all SrIvaishNavas should learn the dhivya prabandhams, understand the meanings properly and live by them.


Keeping this in mind, with the aim of translating all of dhivya prabandhams, we are starting humbly in this great endeavour. We have a great desire to complete this translation kainkaryam by May, when we will commemorate the th year appearance day of SrI rAmAnuja.

Initially we are starting with English translation but we would try to arrange for translation of these dhivya prabandhams in other languages as well. It would be very useful to understand the validity and glories of AzhwArs and their dhivya prabhandhams. Please read the following articles which go through them in detail:. We will provide word-by-word meaning for each pAsuram with specific highlights and important points from the vyAkyAnams.

The website will be well organized and easily searchable. With the blessings of bhagavAnbhAgavathas and AchAryaswe plan to do a faithful kainkaryam of translating these dhivya prabandhams which will be useful for many generations to come.

We revere our AchAryas SrIsUkthis divine compositions greatly too and will also provide translation for the same as much as possible. Having no tamil literary sense I always felt I will not be able to understand every word of divya prabhandam though I learn it from a guru. Though we would like to translate the vyAkyAnam also fully, due to time constraints we may not be able to do at the moment. We would certainly note it down and try to address this in the future. Correct swamy that will e anble the readers to understand the importance and inner message and meaning.

I was reciting the pasurams just like that as I did know the meaning of the all the words in each pasuram.

Although, I could make out the meanings of some of the words in the pasurams, I was unable to extract the full meaning and thus the essence of the pasuram. The word to word meaning and the simple translation in English has helped me a lot to know the meaning of more words. Further, with your yeoman service, I am enjoying reading the two vyakyaanams provided for each pasuram, bringing out the whole lot real spiritual meaning behind each pasuram.

Please keep up the good work. Let this yeoman service of yours be a light to all devotees who really want to know and learn the pasurams with word to word and spiritual meaning. Excellent presentation- pray Lord to give you long life so as to enable you to continue this service for ever.


dhivya prabandham | AzhwArs pAsurams with AchAryas explanations

Really a Sacred Splendid involvement to uphold Vaishnava Siddantha. No words to praise. Adiyen Dasan From Mumbai.

The write up gave a clear insight on the Azhwars,Acharyas and the Divyaprabhandam. Found it very useful. I request you to kindly include kannada version of this page, since there are many mdaning visitors to this page as well. I want more kannada speaker to prabanrham this divine knowledge. Thanks a lot for this Devine service. You are doing a great job.

Alwar Tamil is very nice to prxbandham sundara Tamil but very difficult to pronounce and understand for people of this generation. I want to learn Tamil Veda but not able as I am not able to understand.

From your work I and many people will be able to learn pasurams. Thanks for the encouraging words and the feedback. Divyq feel free to go through the same. Great Initiative which will help every vaishnavite to understand and move out of this material world and live a meaningful life as destined to us Lets prostrate ourselves before Sriman Narayanan who is the ultimate to all human beings like us.

God bless you all. Thank you for this invaluable service.

I was wondering if you could winzip all the english translation of the Divya Prabhandam and other commentaries into a single file so that it will be easy to download. Appreciate your thoughts and time. Thanks and God bless. Thanks for your feedback.

We are constantly prabandam e-books in our website as we complete series of articles.

It will be impossible to keep up the single winzip file. We do have the e-books archived at http: A basic Nasstiga question. When you do not have any one of your so called Gurus getting total of Nalayira Dviya Prabandam, why call that in that way. Can you give any reference how and why it should be called so. People make comment that a meainng group sect in a corner of Hindustan claiming big things without any base.

The count of is not absolute but is an approximation and rounding up. There is sufficient literature supporting the philosophy — especially with meaninb the commentaries, our SrIvaishNava philosophy is the one with the largest literary base more than any other philosophy.

Namaskaram, I am so thankful for your site.

I am a bengali married to Tamil Vaishnavavite living in Dubai. I am greatly inspired to understand and imbibe the scriptures in Divyapravandham. I am going to benefit greatly from your endeavour. Your email address will not be 40000. Please read the following articles which go through them in detail: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.