Download your free PDF file of the chevrolet tahoe on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. 1. Chevrolet Classic Owner Manual M Keep this manual in the vehicle so it will be there if it Many people read the owner manual from beginning to. View and Download Chevrolet Tahoe owner’s manual online. Tahoe Automobile pdf manual download. Also for: Suburban

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Page 10 Power Seats If your vehicle has a power seat, you can adjust chevj with these controls located on the outboard sides of the seats. Section 1 Front Seats Problem Recommended Action In auxiliary mode, the Check the auxiliary chvey picture moves or scrolls. To use one of the locks do the following: Page 39 What is wrong with this?

Loss of Control Let us review what driving experts say about what happens when the three control systems — brakes, steering, and acceleration — do not have enough friction where the tires meet the road to do what the driver has asked.

Problem Recommended Action Sometimes the wireless Check for obstructions, low headphone audio cuts batteries, reception range, out or buzzes. Turn this knob to select radio stations. Your odometer shows how far your vehicle has been driven, in either miles used in the United States or kilometers used in Canada. If it does not, your vehicle needs service.


Adjustable Throttle and Brake Pedal If your vehicle is equipped with this feature, you can change the position of the throttle and brake pedals. Page Section 3 Instrument Panel Overview It should be worn over the shoulder at all times. Stay away from the engine if you see or hear steam coming from it. On the Tahoe, the equipment is located behind the left trim panel in the rear of the vehicle. Your Driving, the Road, and Your Vehicle. There are airbag system parts in several places around your vehicle.

When the road becomes smoother, the CD should play.

Inspect exhaust system for loose or damaged components. To unlock the door, slide the lever forward. The vehicle can slip off the jack and roll over or fall on you or other people. Here are some things you can check before a trip: This position gives you more power but lower fuel economy. To do this follow these directions: The words ON and OFF or the symbol for on and off, will be visible on the rearview mirror during the system check.

Press the release tab and turn the bulb socket counterclockwise to remove it from the taillamp housing. Malfunction Indicator Lamp Check Engine Light Your vehicle is equipped with a computer which monitors operation of the fuel, ignition, and emission control systems.

Transportation Options Warranty service can generally be completed while you wait.

To help avoid injury to you and others: During very cold, damp weather frequent application may be required. If the overload is caused by some electrical problem and not snow, etc. Comfort Guides, Rear Safety Belt Rear Door Security Locks If your vehicle is equipped with this feature, you can lock the rear side doors so they cannot be opened from the inside by passengers.


You or someone else could be injured.


See Headlamps on page Will I be able to maintain vehicle control? Be sure any necessary repairs are completed at once.

When the ignition or radio is turned on, the CD will start playing where it stopped, if txhoe was the last selected audio source. Automatic Dimming Mirror Operation The automatic dimming mirror function is turned on automatically each time the ignition is started.

Chevrolet 2005 Tahoe Owner’s Manual

This prevents anyone from recording and playing back the signal from the transmitter. Matching Transmitter s to Your Vehicle Each remote keyless entry transmitter is coded to prevent another transmitter from unlocking your vehicle.

See Engine Compartment Overview on page for more information on location. In the United States, some child restraints also have a top strap.

Page 34 The lap part of the belt should be worn low and snug on the hips, just touching the thighs.