Buy Hiljadu cudesnih sunaca by Haled Hoseini (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Readers’ questions about Hiljadu čudesnih sunaca. 36 questions answered. Hiljadu cudesnih sunaca je nezaboravan portret jedne ranjene zemlje i istinski dirljiva prica o porodici i prijateljstvu. Istovremeno prelepa i teska, prica o jednom .

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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. I read The Kite Runner by this author. Is this book better? Stephanie Having just finished reading both, I actually had a hard time with this question personally. The thing is, for much of the length of the book, I found …more Having just finished reading both, I actually had a hard time with this question personally.

It had a huge emotional effect on me, but that effect left me almost dreading reading more for fear of even worse things happening. The Kite Runner, while incredibly emotional and also incredibly angering at times, I found it was easier for me to get through because there were also a lot of beautiful and more tender moments.

So both had a very powerful impact on me, but I still found myself longing for the balance between beauty and sadness in The Kite Runner over the horrible circumstances the characters had to endure in A Thousand Splendid Suns.

All of that said, by 1000 end I really felt sunacq A Thousand Splendid Suns achieved that balance as well- it just took some time to get there. The last quarter or so of the story were so powerful and well written to me, and made me fall in love with these characters and their incredible strength and the relationships between them, rather than just feeling awful and nervous about what more they might have to go through.

Lovac na zmajeve / Hiljadu čudesnih sunaca / A planine odjeknuše

And that’s not to say that it’s only the ending that’s good- it’s more cydesnih, like the characters in the story, you just have to keep getting through the really painful stuff in order to appreciate the love and the good that’s formed there despite it all as well.

I still do adore The Kite Runner so so much, and in terms of my own personal connection to the story, I’d probably just leave it at that both stories had a huge impact on me and I found them both stunning: I just adore them both.

In terms of which is technically written better? Then again, I did love the use of Amir’s narration in The Kite Runner 10000 well, and the first person narration was something I missed in ATSS until, again, the latter part of the book where I started to sunxca a clear picture of how the structure of the book was being used to enhance the story.


So they’re both just beautifully written and make excellent use cudeznih their respective narrative structures and voice. So, very long story short: They’re both some of my favorite books I’ve read recently, and stories of sujaca human resilience and love. Just do be prepared that it is not a FUN read, and can be quite tough to get through for the first while. Did reading A thousand Splendid Suns, being a book about traumatised characters and domestic abuse, help you with your own trauma?

If the book influenced you in any way on a personal level, would you please share how? Every answer will be deeply appreciated. Sam I will only answer this shortly. Most of all, this book made me think about love, and of loss. Both the loss of people and the loss of opportunities.

Like with what happened to Laila; her future looked bright, only to be smashed into pieces. But even though this book carries very dark themes, to me it is a book of hope. These are all themes that tend to affect me deeply, emotionally, and makes me draw parallels to my own life, reflecting on my own situation, my own relationships.

Cudesnig book especially gives a wider perspective, and it is a book that gives light; even though you’ve gone through hell, you can still find happiness.

Lovac na zmajeve / Hiljadu čudesnih sunaca / A planine odjeknuše by Khaled Hosseini

And that if anything is a very reassuring thought, it’s one to strengthen. Why did Nana kill herself?

Was she mentally unstable? Or simply consumed with grief because Mariam went to go see her father? Rojaly Nana had been a socially rejected person after her unwanted pregnancy.

Even before being made pregnant she was a lowly servant cudesni the huge household …more Nana had been a socially rejected person after her unwanted pregnancy.

Even before being made pregnant she was a lowly servant in the huge household of Jalim.

Hiljadu čudesnih sunaca — Reader Q&A

Though Jalim built a Kolba, a subaca house and provided ration regularly for her and Mariam it was out of his own selfish penance, not truely out of love. Nana knew that Jalim had once rejected her and his love for his illegitimate child was not whole hearted. She knew that though Mariam was a “harami”, a bastard she was her own.

Mariam was her own blood and her last living relative. But Mariam unaware of the big bad world was consumed by curiosity and she decided to leave the Kolba inspite of her mother’s begging and threats. And when Mariam leaves Nana becomes desolate and cudsenih. Being separated from the outer world of Herat and confined within the ccudesnih walls of the Kolba for around 16 years, she finds herself lonely and without the emotional support of her daughter.


And she was a patient of epilepsy and probably a mental patient too. She finds a better option in suicide than aunaca living a desolate life without her life support system, her daughter Mariam.

Is this book better or worse than The kite runner? So I think this one is better. Load 5 more questions. The reason Mariam’s father, Jalil, abandoned her, which is explained in Jalil’s letter to Mariam, is not quite convincing to me.

Thought Jalil is in a dilemma when Marriam goes and finds his home, cuedsnih Marriam is forced to marry Rasheed, his action disagrees with that in the begining when he and Mariam is alone, in the end when he goes to find Mariam and try to beg her forgiveness. Anybody give a clue? I am so upset I just finished listening to this audiobook, only to realize it was the abridged version.

I compared the length of each 6 hours abridged, 11 hours unabridged Is it enough that I got fudesnih condensed version for free at the library, or is it recommended that I splurge and buy the full version and start over?

In the cdesnih 4, Tarik talks about that maybe it isn’t completely bad that Bush just declared war on their country in the german edition it’s page He cudssnih to explain the reason to Laila, but doesn’t finish the sentence.

I wunaca not quite sure about what he wanted to say, does anyone of you know? Did he just mean that in this way, maybe the war will end, or was it fudesnih else he had in mind? This book was amazing. It literally made vudesnih laugh and cry and while it was a page turner keeping me up at nights there were times I had to put it down because I could not endure reading more of their plight at that time.

This story is almost written as a first hand account of wars truest casualty. While this is a novel Thanks for this literary gift. Were cinemas common in Afghanistan prior to the Soviet invasion? A cinema plays a prominent role in the early part of the book, and I just wondered. Load 3 more questions. Ask and answer questions about books! Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.